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Videos from Conventions
The Symbol of Ptah, the Mark of Vishnu,
the Seal of Solomon, the Sign of the Heart Chakra
- they are all the same:
A pink triangle of Spiritual Love and a green triangle of Physical Love intermingled
- the joining of Heaven and Earth, of Spirit and Soul, of Mind and Matter....
It is the Logo of our Society.
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DVD Videos from Conventions !

These videos were recorded during the Holistic Intuition Society's "Power of Thought" Conventions.

They are in MP4 Video format, playable on both NTSC and PAL TV standards as well as on your computer or handheld devices.
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Tyhson Banighen,
1-5404 Sunnybrae Canoe Point Road,
Tappen,    British Columbia,  V0E 2X1    CANADA

Pat Prevost - Human & Animal Connections, 2001
In this truly enlightening workshop, Pat shares her vast knowledge of Human and Animal connections based on many years of education and experience.
Pat is a proponent of native spirituality, having worked with a native medicine man. She shows us how we can work with the chakra and meridian systems to encourage energy flow and she demonstrates grounding techniques that are essential for both human and animal wellness.
She shares what she has learned from the teachings of Linda Tellington-Jones, Monty Roberts, Ted Andrews, and many others.
Pat is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist specializing in human and animal wellness, with special attention to the human-animal bond and stress reduction in both people and animals. Pat's approach to animal wellness is facilitated using vibrational essences, Therapeutic Touch, Natural Nutrition, and Dowsing..

(5 hrs 30 min - 2 DVDs)

Joe and Marta Smith Teach Dowsing, 2004
Straight from the "ASD Dowser of the Year 2006" !   Joe and Marta are a UNIT !    Join their Dowsing Class - if not in person this DVD set is next best, and helps to keep the memory with you for all time - and you can go back and watch it whenever you need assistance !

Joe and Marta cover most aspects of Dowsing, including: the history of dowsing, an introduction to various dowsing tools and how they are used, programs, dowsing for lost items, dowsing for water veins and Curry zones, and subsequently clearing detrimental energies and cancer zones from your living and working environments, dowsing the weather, asking YES / NO questions to determine what course of action to take, dowsing for directions, dowsing supplements for optimum health, methods of protection from harmful energies, contacting your spirit guides and much more !
The DVD covers their practical Dowsing lessons outdoors , not just in the classroom. Beginner or more advanced - you can learn a lot from the masters !
(4 hours - 2 DVDs)

Joe and Marta Smith - Energywork Workshop, 2004
In this extremely informative video series, Joe and Marta lead you, step by step, through healing techniques which include: sending energy through the hands, the body scan, checking for and clearing noxious zones, 'Luluing', the Washing Machine, taking care of chakras, Emotional Freedom Technique, and many other useful techniques for healing and protection.

See a selection from this video via 'YouTube' - just click to play !

(4 hours - 2 DVDs)

Harold McCoy's Healing Workshop, 2005
Harold McCoy demonstrates his remarkable healing abilities in this workshop and inspires everyone to develop the same abilities. In his presentation, he talks about the importance of meditation and visualization. He discusses his methods for programming and manifesting. He demonstrates Balancing Energy Fields with L-rods, and does a hands on healing demonstration. Other topics include: Imaginary Tools for Healing, Master Glands, and information on how he heals specific health problems and diseases. He leads the group through: Reverse Ageing Meditation, Self-Healing Guided Meditation, Group- Healing - Meeting your Angels and Guides.

See a selection from this video via 'YouTube' - just click to play !

(5 hrs 30 min - 2 DVDs)

Arthur Roy - Divining Self, 2005
Arthur talks about the work he has done with Dr. Barbara Mallory and the Divining Self healing technique ‘which is used to clear self-limiting emotional baggage including phobias, allergies, low self-esteem, fears, anger, and relationship issues. Divining-self can be very effective, much quicker and less painful than talk therapies, and can be used :for self-therapy.’ This video presentation includes a demonstration of how the technique is used.

(1 hr 30 min - 1 DVD)

John Living - Advanced Dowsing Workshop
This records the complete Advanced Dowsing Workshop given at the Canadian Society of Questers Convention at 100 Mile House, British Columbia, in September 2006.
The DVD is called the 'Intuition Technology Workshop' and explains how your Heart-Mind-Brain team uses your balance receptors and works with your nervous-muscular system to give signals - and how you can easily access your Intuition 'On Demand'.
Many aspects of Dowsing are covered which have been unrecognized by most Dowsers - even those with great experience !
You can learn a lot !

(3 hr 10 min - 1 DVD)

John Haché, ND - Naturopathic Experiences, 2005
This engaging lecture includes topics such as: changes in the healthcare system, the importance of pH for the body's proper functioning and prevention of disease. A very important and informative lecture for those who want a close look at the biochemical processes of the human body and the importance of looking at stress factors for optimum health.

(1 hr 20 min - 1 DVD)

David Ferguson - Understanding Homeopathy, 2005
David Ferguson takes us through the fascinating history of Homeopathy and how effective these remedies are in preventing and curing disease. He relates many interesting stories which increase our appreciation for homeopathy and he explains which homeopathic remedies are absolutely essential in any household.

(1 hr 20 min - 1 DVD)

Agnnes Kraweck, PhD. - Wake Up Your Brain!, 2005
Always interesting and informative, Agnnes presents the latest scientific research from prominent members of the health and scientific communities. The topics include brain health, the power of our thoughts, and what is revealed in our energy fields through Kirlian Photography.

(1 hr 20 min - 1 DVD)

Hira Ratan Manek - Solar Healing, 2005
HRM is the man who has gone almost entirely without food for the past 10 years - living off the power of the sun. He challenges the myths while discussing historical and current practices of sun gazing, the amazing benefits it has on the mind and body and its potential for raising consciousness and solving world problems.

(1 hr 30 min - 1 DVD)

Vicki McDuff - Spiritual Response Therapy, 2004
Vicki is a Métis elder and healer who shares her knowledge and wisdom with us. According to Vicki, Spiritual Response Therapy is an excellent method for clearing our baggage. In touch with the spiritual realms, she provides us with insight into what can be experienced when we clear the blocks to our enlightenment.

(1 hr 15 min - 1 DVD)

Richard Coutts - Dowsing and Healing, 2004
Richard leads us through techniques he has used which have contributed to his success as a dowser and a healer. Topics include: transmuting energy, treating water using Raymon Grace's methods, Blessing 995, the Assemblage Point and how to move it back to its proper place, Indigo children, Protection Technique, and the importance of dealing with geopathic stress.

(1 hr 20 min - 1 DVD)

Dave Carlson - Critter Communication 101, 2004
Dave provides us with interesting and often humourous stories about his life on the farm with critters seen and unseen. He teaches us how to communicate with animals using dowsing with a message chart. We learn about clearing work spaces and creating thought forms around the home.

(1 hr 30 min - 1 DVD)

Walt Woods - Advances in Research, 2003
Intriguing, well documented topics include: scientific research supporting the efficacy of homeopathy, a close look at the crop circle phenomena, deer that have magical abilities, precognition, and a detailed discussion about genes and how to manipulate them.

(1 hr 20 min - 1 DVD)

Walt Woods - Noxious Energies, 2003
Walt acknowledges the benefits from exposure to radiation, and insists that our exposure to such energies should be dictated by our individual ‘safe time’. He provides us with a program of protection from noxious zones. He discusses the Hormesis curve and provides many visual examples of how noxious energies effect environments - this is a very important video to learn how to protect your living and working environments.

(1 hr 20 min - 1 DVD)

John Living - Your Intuition on Demand, 2001/ Healing Tools, 2003
In the first lecture, John discusses the importance of using your intuition, programming your dowsing instruments for giving a YES or NO response, increasing the radiance of your food and water, recognizing ‘baby’ energies as a key to how everything works and how being ‘open’ can lead to synchronicities. In the second lecture, John goes into how he developed his healing tools and demonstrates how they are to be used.

See a selection from this video via 'YouTube' - just click to play !

(1 hr 20 min - 1 DVD)

Bill Askin - The Energies are Changing, 2002
Master Dowser Bill Askin tells us what's really going on with the energies. He lists possible health problems that may arise for people exposed to changing energies or thought forms. Discussion topics include HAARP, curses, the importance of clearing vast areas of land, possessing entities, and much more.

See a selection from this video via 'YouTube' - just click to play !

(1 hr - 1 DVD)

Von Musgrove - Healing by Sound, 2003
In the first part, Von talks about her spiritual path and how this lead her to do toning work. With the help of friends, she demonstrates how toning can be used as an effective healing tool. This video includes her morning meditation sessions in which she leads the group and has them participate in the toning exercises.

(2+ hrs - 1 DVD)

Mike Doney - On Dowsing, 2001
Mike Doney is a wise and truly masterful dowser whose research and experience have provided him with some remarkable stories and theories. He demonstrates his skills using a variety of dowsing tools with very useful and effective dowsing methods.

(2 hrs - 1 DVD)

Kristina Nielsen - Clearing Attachments, 2000
Kristina, an intuitive healer, stresses the importance of having awareness when dealing with energies. She shows us how she cleared her attachments by staying neutral and not being in judgement of these ‘lower vibrations’. She emphasizes that we should not give power to our fears, and provides many suggestions for dealing with them.

(1 hr - 1 DVD)

Walt Woods - Advanced Dowsing Workshop, 2003
Walt discusses the Backster Effect - polygragh tests showed how Animals & Plants react to our thoughts. Plants even have beta, alpha, theta, & delta 'brainwaves' ! Healing has lots of High Beta plus loads of Delta. We can establish a Heart to Heart link with feedback from distant life forms.

He tells how cells grow & divide, and that the same genes are in all life - some have more than others. Occasional problems occur with mutations due to Viral and bacterial interference. 'The System' can change virus operations, de-activate bacteria (most are beneficial), make vitamin C, correct errors, and turn ON tumour suppressor genes.

Walt demonstrates the use of dowsing charts, explains how to program your system, and how to work with your genes - and discusses re-incarnation, past lives, and the Astral world (Medics from 'entity world'); handling allergies; how 'The System' can alter auras and change non-beneficial energies, etc. into being beneficial. You can ask 'Spirit Doctors' for diagnosis and corrections, even on yourself.

See a selection from this video via 'YouTube' - just click to play !

(4 hrs 30 min - 2 DVDs)

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The Value Added Data DVD" contains all the available copies of 'The Quester' (The Journal of the Canadian Society of Questers) and all copies of the 'Dowser's Digest' (the Journal of the Holistic Intuition Society) plus much more on Healing and on understanding the metaphysical world !

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