All of us have Intuition, but many of us have difficulty in accessing our Intuition 'On Demand'.
We can use our nervous/muscular system to give signals from our Intuition - this lets us get immediate answers to questions.
It is known as kinesiology (when used by a Doctor/Healer on a patient) and as Dowsing (when used by oneself).
The books written by John Living can help you to Dowse - to access your Intuition 'On Demand' - and to use this gift to help yourself and others.
The Healing Tools have been developed with help from Intuition, and then tested to demonstrate their abilities.
They have been used by many people with great success.
Tools for Dowsing and Healing

Ogininally developed by
John Living
Professional Engineer
Spiritual Healer

RR#1   S9   C6,      Galiano Island,
British Columbia,      V0N 1P0,      Canada
John is wearing Love Living Energy Rings
around his neck and right wrist,
he is holding a Retractable Bobber in his right hand,
and has an early version of a Ptah Pendulum in his left hand.
The improved version is made of tinned copper wire to prevent tarnishing,
and has a chain with swivels at each end to eliminate twisting.

These tools are now made and supplied by:
Tyhson Banighen, President of the society
1-5404 Sunnybrae Canoe Point Road,
Tappen,British Columbia,V0E 2X1, Canada
Toll Free Canada & USA 1-866-369-7464
Mon to Fri 9:00AM to 9:00pm PST
John Madgwick Living

was educated at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, and the Royal Military College of Science, Shrivenham. He was commissioned as an officer in the Corps of Royal Engineers, and was taught Dowsing at the School of Military Engineering, Chatham.

John Living has been a Member of the Institute of Royal Engineers, Member of the Institute of Engineers, Jamaica, Member of the Institute of Civil Engineers (and a Chartered Civil Engineer) in the United Kingdom, and a Professional Engineer registered in the Provinces of Ontario and Alberta, in Canada.

He has more than 55 years experience of dowsing, was the Executive Secretary (and a co-founder) of the Holistic Intuition Society. He is a member of the Canadian Society of Questers, the Canadian Society of Dowsers, and the American Society of Dowsers.

In September 2008 John was made an Honorary Life Member of the Canadian Society of Questers.

John has written articles that have been published in the journals of all the above Societies, and in the journals of the British Society of Dowsers and the Society of Dowsers in New Zealand.

John has now retired - he is feeling his age ! - an has handed over the good care of the society to its President, Tyhson Banighen.

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Tools Overview
Bobbers act like horizontal Pendulums - operated by the spring instead of by gravity.
The Retractable Bobber is extended for use, and when retracted fits in your coat pocket.
The Bendable Bobber has a longer spring than the Retractable Bobber, giving greater sensitivity, and bends to fit in your pocket.
L Rods made from bronze rods, with wooden bead handles having low-friction inserts and lead-free pewter beads as bearings and as caps on ends.
Glass Bead Pendulums with a hand-crafted glass bead fixed to a braided nylon cord. Different colours are available.
The 'Your Pendulum' booklet is an excellent introdction for working with your Pendulum.
Vinyl Business Card with Charts - very long-lasting !
A 'Message Chart' is on one side, and a logarithmic 'Noxious Energy' Chart on the other, which is used with the 'Sleep Well, Be Healthy' booklet - an excellent guide to help you to identify and deal with Earth Energies and other energies that arenoxious to humans, etc.
Ptah Pendulum A very powerful healing tool for clearing problems in deep auras and on properties.
Supplied with an instructional brochure and a protective bag.
Tiny Ptah Pendulum Set We have designed a tiny version of the Ptah Pendulum especially for use with Healing Charts used for Distant Healing. The only difference in using it is that you hold the Tiny Ptah Pendulum by the loop at the end of the coils, where the cord is fixed.
"Love Living" Energy Rings Most powerful in the plane of the ring, giving expanding columns of 'Chi' / 'Orgone' Healing energy above and below the ring.
The #20 Ring is ideal as a Neck Ring - stops headaches and migrains, and can give help for those who have head problems such as Alzheimer's, M.S., and Parkinson's.
These Rings have been found excellent to both clear and empower Crystals used for Healing purposes !
"Love Living" Bracelets are versions of the Energy Rings that are worn on your wrist; these increase the Radiance of your blood so that viruses, etc, do not like the environment - and help you keep well !
They are encased in clear and unmarked vinyl so that your skin and clothes do not get stained by the copper, and have lead-free pewter beads at the ends to mke them very sturdy.
They meld-in with the colour of your skin, so are not very noticable - suitable for a man to wear ! They can be washed safely.
"Love Living" Energy Globes are a combination of Energy Rings (to attract) and a coil of the Ptah Pendulum (to Heal) that attracts energies that need to be Healed, Heals them, and sends them out as Love Energy.
People who are clairvoyant report seeing these as very bright lights; they have been found to be effective over a large distance, to improve relationships in and around the home, and be most beneficial in business and Healing places.

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The devices advertized are intended for experimental, research, and educational usage only.
The purchaser assumes full responsibility for the use of the tools.
In all cases ‘healing’ refers to the healing of energies in the metaphysical sense.

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