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What is "Holistic Intuition" ?

This is an abridged version of "Intuitive Techniques", a preview of the book Intuition 'On Demand'

Have you ever felt 'something is not right' - and, forewarned, avoided a problem ?

Have you lost something and then thought 'it is there' (in an unexpected place) and so looked and found it ?

Have you felt apprehensive before eating something, eaten it, and had a stomach ache ?

Sometimes when we meet a person we move forward in our body (attraction), or bend backwards slightly to get away (something undesirable ?).

Usually we recognize our Intuition only when an especially important message is received such as not feeling 'good' about a person or situation, or we get an impulse to take a particular action.

There have been a number of well publicized cases when a person has felt that a particular flight or journey was 'not good' and so cancelled or changed their reservation - and avoided death or serious injury when their original plane or train crashed.

Mothers are well known to have special 'connections' to a baby - automatically knowing if their child is in trouble, and racing to prevent a tragedy.

How does Intuition Work ?

Some people are gifted by having a natural ability to 'see things' or 'hear messages'. Intuition also works by using our nervous-muscular system and by manipulating our normal five senses - seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, and tasting.

In most of us these skills are dormant - but we all have the potential to improve our abilities. This is easiest when we first identify the Intuitive method that suits us best.

When we ask our Intuition for help on a subject, we can also define that 'all that we see' in the next few minutes has a meaning relating to the subject. We will still see the same views as would have otherwise been seen, but our sight now may emphasize certain shapes, colours, contrasts, or even objects.

You can ask a question, and then check: How do you feel ? What am I thinking now ? What taste is in my mouth ? What am I smelling ? What am I seeing first when I close and then open my eyes ? Write down the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a place, person, colour, time, town, river, food, weapon, fear, memory.

You may walk down the street and notice a particular colour, shape, or object; perhaps certain flowers in a garden 'call' to you; or your attention may focus on something in a shop window. Yes, all these things were there before, but your Intuition is drawing your attention to them to 'get a message across'.

If you want, but do not 'get a picture' then imagine one ! It is easier for your thinking team to build an image based on the intuitive answer than to build a new image from scratch - so you may be surprisingly correct !

Then we have to 'make sense' of these impressions. It helps to ask for further clarification, and a thought may 'pop' into your mind. Now that 'first thought' is probably from your intuition, and should be taken seriously; any second thoughts are likely to be from your logical mind, and may best be disregarded.


When you get an unexpected letter hold it to your forehead and then to your heart - notice how your senses change, the impression that you get. You may learn much about the writer, his current mood, and the contents of the letter.

When the telephone rings, 'guess' who it might be, and the reason for the call. As you practice you will find that your 'guessing' becomes more accurate. You can even make others call you - if you 'will' that a person calls you, often the telephone will ring in a few minutes, and it is that person on the line.

Now you are going to meet a person for the first time. "Walk a mile in my moccasins" is a well known phrase, meaning be like that person, to better understand him. So imagine that you are that person, now ! What do you feel ? Think ? Want ? Are there any strong emotions ? Even imagine what they look like. You will be fascinated by the accuracy of your impressions.

Working with Heart

We all know that our Heart is very important as the blood pump that keeps us alive, but it has other functions too !   There are many reports of people who have had a Heart transplant changing their likes and dislikes - even their whole attitude to Life !

It may be that our sub-conscious is controlled or guided by our Heart - or even more important, that is our 'direct link' to our 'Higher Self' - or even all those who are 'Upstairs' such as God Energies, Angelic Beings, and all 'Meta-morphic Fields' and 'Akashic Records' which abound with complete knowledge of 'All That Is'.

Perhaps we should recognize that all plant, animal, and insect life (and even crystals, stones, water, viruses, and inanimate materials) are all Creations of 'The Holy Creator in Love of All Things, in All Places, in All Times, and in All Dimensions' - doing different jobs such as keeping nature in balance.

Each example of these have a life - different in many ways from our life form, but being similar due to the fact that all atoms and sub-atomic particles are comprised of energy that 'dances' at different speeds and in different dimensions to form 'All That Is' - probably even Angelic Beings !

Remember when Cleve Backster's experiments were shown on television ?    How plants reacted when other life form (such as shrimps) were killed, and communicated with their caregivers (those who had them as house-plants) even when they were thousands of miles away ?

Physicists have described sub-atomic particles as being made of 'strings'.    Perhaps these strings are made of tiny baby energies that to form the strings must each do the required dance - thinking of the dance movement, acting to make the movement, feeling good if the result of the dance is good, and loving to feel good.    If they love, feel, think, and act then each one can be considered to be a 'Being' in their own right.    I wonder if each such tiny baby energy is 'Pure Heart' ?

If this is correct, then we are 'All The Same'- just taking different forms to do different jobs.    If this is so, and we are 'All The Same' then we should be able to communicate !    And we communicate best by thought - especially 'Heart to Heart'.

Many people are now understanding that thoughts have effect - Dr Masuru Emoto has shown how thoughts and music effect water crystals - and our bodies are over 70% water.    When we think of another our thoughts affect their aura - so always have good, loving, and kind thoughts of all people.

This can have a great effect on any meeting - imagine your interview proceeding well, exactly as you would like it to be; the more emotion, effort, and energy that you put into the visualization, the more likely it will happen as you want.    Use as many senses as possible !

It is my personal experience that such communication is most effective when we work with our Heart - our own Heart connecting with the Hearts of the others involved, and guiding them to respond with the required outcome.

When we need guidance ourselves we can formulate a question in our logical mind and then ask our Heart AS IF IT WERE A SEPARATE PERSON.    This way we get correct answers - our own Heart by-passes ego, communicating 'Heart to Heart' with the subject of our question, be it the energy of a water vein, an Angelic Being, another Soul, or even a part of a body (our own, or that of another person); it also seems that distance is of no importance, which helps to explain why distant Healing works so well !

I understand that when we work with our Heart we enable it to be the leader of a team - our Heart-Mind-Brain team.    This team can work with our various senses - giving a thought, a picture, a feeling, a taste, or something that we smell,

Our Heart-Mind-Brain team can even manipulate our nervous-muscular system to give a signal by direct movement of our muscles - but we have to agree with the team that a particular movement has a certain meaning, such as with Kinesiology, including auto-Kinesiology where we work on ourselves (also known as Dowsing - which I call 'Intuition Technology').

I am not a physicist or scientist - I do not need physical proof; and in any case Intuition is not directly in the physical plane, that is just where it acts.    I am a retired Royal, Chartered, and Profesional Engineer - I use what works.    I may not be completely correct in all that is written here, but I have found that these ideas work for me - and hope that they will help you.

I hope that you enjoy this web-site, and that it helps you to improve the lives of yourself, your family, your friends, and all who you meet in life.

Namaste         John Living         Author of Intuition 'On Demand'

Body Movements

Many therapists and medical professionals now test a person's arm strength to check if a particular part of a patient's body is operating correctly - this is called 'Kinesiology'. They are feeling the response given by the patients nervous-muscular system as an aid to their diagnosis of a patient's problem.

You do not need another person for this - you can train your own nervous-muscular system to give you answers directly - and this is a simple way of accessing your Intuition 'on demand' to get 'YES' or 'NO' answers.

Just teach your Heart-Mind-Brain team (& Sub-Conscious Self) the signals that you want to use - and their meaning ! Lean your body forward slightly, and explain "This is a signal for YES"; now ask that 'YES' be indicated, and your body should lean forward. If you do not succeed the first time, repeat this lesson until you have success.

Now lean back slightly, explaining that "This is the signal for NO" and teach this signal in the same way.

Practice these by holding various items in your hand and asking your Heart "Is this good for me to consume ?".

If you have lost your glasses (purse, ring, etc.) then close your eyes, ask your Heart "Please show me where to look to find (my glasses, etc)" and turn around until you 'get a sense' to open your eyes - and look exactly where your eyes are focused when you open them.

It helps when doing this to create a picture in your mind of what you seek, so as to present a clear and precise image of the item. If your glasses are lost, picture them as spectacles - otherwise you may find your eyes focused on drinking glasses !

You can reinforce this 'tuning' by holding a sample of it in your hand - such as a photograph, clothing, or piece of hair from a missing person, or a lump of gold if you are prospecting !

Amplifying Our Intuitive Responses

If we consider our Heart-Mind-Brain team working with our body to be like a radio, the sound from an earphone is weak, but when we attach a loudspeaker we hear the message 'loud and clear'.

In the same way we can train our own nervous-muscular system to be like the wires connecting the radio (the Intuitive part of our thinking team) to a loudspeaker (a tool which magnifies the nervous-muscular signal so that we can be more aware of the signal given).

Many ladies have used a needle on a thread to check if the baby will be a boy or a girl - a Pendulum, being some small weight on a chain or string. Men tend to prefer their 'pipe finding tool' (the 'L'-rod) or a forked stick (historically preferred for locating wells).

The number of people who use tools to access their Intuition 'On Demand' is far greater than those who are skilled in clairvoyance or clairaudience ! It is so easy to learn !

This use of tools is called 'Dowsing' - it is 'Intuition Technology'.
Intuition Technology
- Dowsing is 'IT' !

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Intuition Technology (aka Dowsing) is the linking of the Intuitive part of the Heart-Mind-Brain team with the nervous-muscular system to give signals without interference by the logical thinking process. Tools are often used to amplify these signals, similar to the way a loudspeaker amplifies the sounds sent to it.

Our philosophy is to help all who wish to develop their Intuitive abilities. We encourage the use of Intuition Technology to help others, especially in healing various forms of ill-ness and dis-ease. The ability of our Minds to create and manifest good is usually unrecognized by most people.

As Winston Churchill said "All people are offered help by their Intuition, but most pick themselves up and escape as fast as possible ! ".

Many claim that because Dowsing cannot be proven scientifically it cannot be accepted as genuine. But that is like trying to prove scientifically that Angels exist. We accept it as a technology, a skill that we can use to gain help from the "Force for Good", and we concentrate on learning to use our abilities more effectively.

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Intuition and Love

Ptah was an Egyptian King-God. Much of the early part of the bible was based on stories the Israelites learnt from the Egyptians - and Ptah has been kept in our languages as Pater or Father, as Path or His Way....

Horus, the first Man, "... was given gifts of Intuition and Love, that he might walk towards Heaven and his Father, and never lose his Way".

All of us have been given these gifts of Intuition and Love - but some do not know how to access them.

Perhaps our Heart-Mind-Brain teams are like radio transceivers, able to communicate with ‘Above’, to send out prayers and listen to replies.  Even if a radio is ‘on’ we cannot hear the words or music unless we have wires leading to a loudspeaker.

In Dowsing, we tune our minds to a particular matter, use our nervous-muscular system as the wires, and have a Dowsing tool as the loudspeaker to help us ‘hear’ (or see) the message.  And since we can think, we can program this system like a computer to define the signals to be used and their meanings.

Men use branches to find water, and bent wires to locate pipes; ladies often hang a needle on a cotton thread to ask about the sex of an unborn child.

These are all examples of ‘Intuition Technology’ (and Dowsing is ‘IT’ !) but there are many more ways in which we can use our Intuition to improve our lives and help others.

A most important use is to locate noxious and geopathic zones - which cause cancer, arthritis, sudden death syndrome in babies, and problems such as poor performance at school and at work.  This has been studied extensively in Central Europe, but is almost unknown in North America.

Dowsing on health charts can indicate the cause of illness, and indicate measures needed to be taken - even pointing to the vitamins, etc, required and showing the correct strengths and dosages.

And Dowsing can find lost articles and people, and guide us to make correct decisions on many matters !

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Our Organization

The Society has changed from a formal society to become a teaching / promotional organization.

Membership is not available - but you can join the Canadian Society of Questers (CSQ) or your national Dowsing Society to meet those who have similar interests - and are pleased to help people progress with their Dowsing skills.

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