Exorcism of Demonic & Spirit Possession
Removal of Soul & Fragment Attachment
Be Free of their Harmful Effects !

In this context we include attachments from the fragments which are released from a Soul upon death. These fragments then attach to people who are alive, and are the most common sources of unwanted and negative influences upon human beings.

The diseases from which the person suffered (and may have caused their death) may manifest from the fragment into you; these cause many illnesses that the medical systems fail to heal ! Exorcism is needed !

See the 'BEFORE' an 'AFTER' Pictures Below !

We have Exorcists who work with the Angelic Beings and Healing Energies to send Soul/Fragment Attachments to be Healed and join with their Souls in Heaven, and to free people from interference by Demonic Possession and Possessing Spirits.
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Typical Symptoms of Possession

These include a lack of energy, weakness in the body, severe depression, disturbed thoughts, and/or irrational thinking.
In general a person who is possessed can be identified as being extremely negative and severely depressed, - and especially if anti-social behaviour is exhibited.

Indications of possession include:
• Strong negativity
• Deep depression
• Rapid mood changes
• Uncontrolled temper
• Self inflicted harm
• Violent behaviour
• Criminal behaviour
• Suicidal tendencies
• Chronic illness
• Epilepsy
• Dual (or multiple) personalities

Even one or two of these indicators may be a signal of possession !
We have also found a number of cases where deceased church members have invaded a person who has abandoned their religion, so as to try to force them to return to their old beliefs - this is most prevalent by evangelistic relatives !

David's Aura BEFORE Exorcism

A young child attachment shows in his head - due to some trauma that happened when he was about 5 years old, together with a Soul fragment and thought forms probably from a family member that died.
Around the shoulder is a Soul Program that is blocking his heart in this life.
Attachments around his hip and leg are recognized as astral fragments from other soldiers that died during fights.
Other dark shadows indicate furher problems that need to be healed, having various causes.

David's Aura AFTER Exorcism

The darkness has all been cleared away - due to the healing given by exorcism !
This exorcism was performed by Kaye Jansen who is a most experienced clairvoyant Healer - and one of the best adjusters of the Assemblage Beam which controls our behaviour throughout life.
The images show here were obtained via an 'Indigo Qx' artificial intelligence machine, designed by Dr Bill Nelson who worked at NASA, and used mainly for stress management.
Note how the colour of David's aura has changed to be the pink colour of unconditional love.

Note that Kaye and Tyhson only perform exorcisms when the application form is completed and sent to one of them - their addresses are on the form.

The Harmful Effects of Possession

In this context we include attachments from the fragments which are released from a Soul upon death. These fragments then attach to people who are alive, and are the most common sources of unwanted and negative influences upon human beings.

The diseases from which the person suffered (and may have caused their death) may manifest from the fragment into you; these cause many illnesses that the medical systems fail to heal ! Exorcism is needed !

These influences may also cause you problems in your social and business life.

Healing such as by exorcism is best done at a distance - by an experienced exorcist.

In using the term ‘Possession’ we include also the negative influences originating from those who are still alive in the physical plane of existence - their hateful thoughts, curses, and hexes.

Most common are the attachments of fragments from deceased relatives - including the Souls of children who were not born or died young, and the earthbound parts of family members (and close friends) who have not ascended in the correct manner and seek to continue their earthly existence by invading relatives still alive, especially young children.

Other frequent types of possession come from the invasion of the deceased when protection is low from drugs or alcohol, or when the subject is unconscious - due to an accident or when under anesthetics in a hospital.

Even the best of intent from a deceased family member (such as a parent meaning to help a child) can have most unfortunate side effects. Very often the subject then suffers from illnesses brought in to their own body by the deceased relative !

Dealing with such situations is fraught with difficulties. In many instances when such a possessing entity is removed it can attach itself to the person doing the removal - with terrible consequences when a ‘real nasty’ is involved. When you are working to help someone who is close to you healing (including exorcism) often fails due to the interference from your emotions, beliefs, and feelings.

So it is preferable for all work to remove possessing entities (of all descriptions) to be done by those who are very experienced in the work of exorcism - who take the needed personal precautions and who ensure that the entities removed are correctly healed and taken to their rightful place.

Why do so Many Exorcists Fail ?

We have found that healing is needed by the Higher Self or Soul Group - and sometimes at even higher levels of the Spirit World. If these are not cleared and healed the problems will be re-manifested in the victim.

We have found that even when a deceased Soul of a relative or friend attaches with good intent that Soul may have been infested by one of the minions of the dark forces - that now transfer their attack to the new victim.

There are very powerful entities in the dark forces that capture unfortunate deceased souls and make them into their slaves to do evil jobs. These are kept in 'dungeons' in lowest levels of the Astral World and only released to do jobs that cause misery and harm.

Most exorcists do not realize that these have to be exorcized - or how to do this task safely and thoroughly. This work involves exorcizing the invading 'slave entities' and tracing back to their commanders - and then exorcizing these commanders, finding all their slaves, healing them, and protecting them so that they will not be enslaved again !

Many exorcists rely on religious figures - but unfortunately the teachings of most religions are hazy and often incorrect about the real conditions of the heavenly worlds ! Specialist help is needed.

How can You get the Help that You Need ?

A team of experienced exorcists who have had great success with the exorcism of ‘real nasties’ at a distance (even at 4,000 miles) has been assembled by John Living, the Executive Secretary of the Holistic Intuition Society. There is no charge for the exorcism itself, but a charge is made for the time and expenses that are expended in the work.

For this charge as well as working to clear the subject of possessing entities, additional healing is given to clear the aura of negativity and to work with the Heart and sub-conscious of the subject to remove problems resulting from such possession.

Note that our Healing work is applicable irrespective of a person's religion - God existed before any human attempt at explanation ! We liaise with Angelic Beings for all Healing - we are just a link to them to help people to be Healed, and to assist when needed.

If you decide to have our team work to help you (or a friend or relative) please complete the application forms in the 'Possesion.pdf' file and send them to us with the requested samples, etc.

When completed, you will be sent a short report that outlines the possessing entities, etc., that have been exorcised, together with instructions for your further protection.

The Benefits of Our Healing Work

First we make sure that we have an excellent connection to you on the energetic and Spiritual levels, and that Forgiveness issues will not be preventing effective Healings - if so, we will inform you so that you can intensify your use of the Forgiveness statement.

Now we do the Exorcism, all being done by working ‘Heart to Heart’ - we determine the numbers and qualities of the super-consciousnesses, the consciousnesses, and the sub-consciousnesses in and around you, Healing them as needed.

Checks are made on the condition and qualities of your Guardian Angel and Guides, on the co-ordination of your Heart, sub-consciousness, and ego, and Healing given as needed.

We also check on the value of your Akashic record and Karma, requesting the Angelic Beings to make any needed corrections - checking the results.

Next we examine the number and quality of entities, inappropriate energies, and negative programs in or around your home and take action as required.

Detrimental attachments and all ‘Dark Forces’ are taken away for appropriate Healing, so that you are free of their noxious effects; their sources are investigated and action taken to prevent re-occurrence.

We request that Fragments of Souls, etc., are given Healing and rejoin you (if they are your own) or are rejoined to their owners in Heaven - and check on the success of this request.

A final check is made to find any other negative influences that are affecting you, and take all needed action for their removal.

After this Exorcism, we may be guided to do other Healing work:

    Clearing you aura.
    Making any needed repairs to your major Chakras and Pranic Triangle to improve your vitality.
    Using energetic techniques to clear problems in your Heart-Mind-Brain team.
    Working with the Angelic Beings and Healing Energies (often using the methods of Matrix Energetics) to correct physical, emotional, and Spiritual problems that can be Healed at this time.

Protection is placed around you to help prevent further attacks.

We will inform you of the overall results, and ask for your feed-back; when we receive your feed-back we will do any further work as needed, and report to you again.

If we are guided that other work is needed by other Healers (such as Tapping / Emotional Freedom Techniques) we will so advise you.

You are not just getting a ‘One Time Exorcism’ from us, but much more !

Remember that distance does not matter - we work world-wide to help people.

Open (and save) the Possession.pdf file for more information

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