Sleep Well, Be Healthy
- by John Living.
with Selected Records of Research
from 'Earth Radiation'
- by Käthe Bachler

ISBN 978-0-9686-3232-1

One of the great problems in the Health Care is the concentration of Medical training on just the physical body - especially in prescribing medicines to 'cure' the effects, but not those causes that are 'energetic' in nature.

We cannot see radio waves - but know that they exist.

There are other energies that we cannot see - but have a detrimental effect on our bodies and our Health.

Our bodies are so susceptible to these energies that our body can signal if there is any noxious effect !

This book tells of the many cases where serious sickness was caused by these energies, and how to avoid them.

It explains how you can use your body reactions / signals to locate these energies, including methods of amplifying the signals given - and guides you to using your own links to what have been described as 'Angelic Energies' to Heal the energies themselves.

This booklet is a condensed summary from the book 'Earth Radiation'.

It is designed as a hand-out for Health Professionals and Dowsers who are aware of the ill health caused by energies noxious to people.

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'Earth Radiation' is the classic record of the identification and location of energies from the earth which are noxious to human beings and others.

Many of the results are attested by medical doctors who found that cures were only effective after exposure to noxious earth energies was eliminated. Cases are quoted which include the use of these techniques by physicians for their own health.

These illustrations are accompanied by records of the illnesses resulting from sleeping, or sitting for a long time, in the energy fields - and how great improvement in health occurred when the location of beds, school seats, etc., were moved.

“We do not claim that every zone of radiation will result in cancer; rather, we have found zones of disturbance in every case of cancer” .

Physicians ought to consider geopathic influences as one possible cause of sickness, and recommend moving the bed on a trial basis”.

One of the key points that this book makes is that many other problems, not just cancer, are attributable to some large degree to earth energies that are noxious to humans.

By eliminating the effects of these we can expect improvement in education and in behaviour, reductions in work losses and medical expenses, and better health at minimal cost.

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About the Author:

John Living has been a Royal Engineer, a Chartered Civil Engineer, and a Professional Engineer.
He started Dowsing over 60 years ago, being taught as a young officer in the British Army..

John is an Honourary Member of the Canadian Society of Questers, and a member of the American Society of Dowsers, the Canadian Society of Dowsers,and other Societies.

His articles have been published in the American, British, Canadian and other Dowsing society journals.

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