Welcome !
We are here to help you
to use your Intuition
- especially for Healing
and helping others.
The Symbol of Ptah, the Mark of Vishnu, the Seal of Solomon, the Sign of the Heart Chakra
- they are all the same:
A green triangle of Spiritual Love and a pink triangle of Physical Love intermingled
- the joining of Heaven and Earth, of Spirit and Soul, of Mind and Matter....
It is the Logo of our Society.
Tyhson Banighen,
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British Columbia,
V0E 2X1    Canada
Toll Free Canada & USA 1-866-369-7464
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Home Page Using your Intuition - especially working with your Heart.
Healing Overview Noxious Energies; Working with our Sub-Conscious; Simplified Radionics; Maintaining Good Health; Gratitude and Thanks.
Intuitive Techniques An excerpt from the book - Intuition 'On Demand'.
Tap Troubles Away A free .pdf that explains how to work with your sub-conscious to improve your Health.
Cancer,Transplants Healing of cancer and serious diseases, preventing rejection of organ transplants.
Ladies Only Unwanted Pregnancy, Healing Baby Souls (miscarried or died young)
Forgiveness When we hold anger, we hurt ourselves - Forgiveness helps to Heal yourself !
Life Review It is told that we do this when we die; but we can do it NOW and improve our life !
Weblinks Links to other web sites.

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Books Published by the Holistic Intuition Society

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See the Book Details

Hand Made Dowsing and Healing Tools

For full information about Dowsing and Healing Tools
See the Detailed Tool List

Glass Bead Pendulums; very sturdy Message Charts; Retractable and Bendable Bobbers; Ptah Pendulum for cleansing of your deep aura and clear non-beneficial energies from homes,work places; Tiny Ptah for use on diagrams and pictures; Healing Rings to help clear your aura including the popular Neck Ring (Stops migraines, headaches, etc); Bracelets to give your blood high radiance (germs, etc. do not like this environment !); Healing Globe to keep your environment healthy and beneficial.

DVDs from the Holistic Intuition Society Conventions

For full information about Convention DVDs
See the DVD Descriptions

Workshops and Presentations by:
Bill Askin, Dave Carlson, Richard Coutts, Mike Doney, David Ferguson, John Haché, Agnnes Kraweck, John Living, Hira Ratan Manek, Harold McCoy, Vicki McDuff, Von Musgrove, Kristina Nielsen, Pat Prevost, Arthur Roy, Joe and Marta Smith, Walt Woods.

'Value Added Data DVD' with loads of information
'250GB USB Hard Drive' loaded with EFT libraries (22 DVDs) and much more !

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The devices advertized are intended for experimental, research, and educational usage only.
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In all cases ‘healing’ refers to the healing of energies in the metaphysical sense.

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