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Life Review
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Life Review    This is an extract from John Living's book Intuition Technology

One of the biggest changes in my life came after I realized that instead of waiting to die before having to do a ‘Life Review’, I could do it now - and benefit now !

As I was going to bed, I made an affirmation: “As I go to sleep, I will go through my life to review and correct all the ‘not good’ actions that I have taken, doing so with True Holy Love, Namaste, going backwards in time to each and every moment in my life”.

I would suddenly be thinking of a situation; in most cases I would start by believing that all I did was good - so why bring this up ?

Then I would think “How was this seen from the view of others who were involved ?” and realize that I had been at fault !

This is the old adage of ‘putting yourself in someone else’s shoes’, of ‘wearing the moccasins of the other person’.

It is best to undertake to do what can be done to correct the actual situation; but in most cases the action had occurred many years past, and there was little that I could do now in the physical world.

So I then stated my apology and asked forgiveness; in some instances there were further points that I had missed, so these were then repeated in my mind, so that these could be cleared as well.

As soon as this was completed, another situation would be brought to mind, and the process repeated.

This continued backwards in time until I reached babyhood.    The good things that I had accomplished were not included - so ego was ‘kept at bay’.

I did not go further back, to any past lives - but this would not be without gain, if appropriate.

For me the process took two nights - but from that time onwards I felt to be a very different person !    It was certainly a most worthwhile exercise, which I recommend to all who read this book.

To help in this, I have written the following program - which you can use as a guide.    Some aspects are explained later.

'Healing the Total Being' Program

‘We ask all parts of our Being, in all dimensions and in all our auric levels, to be open to good suggestions, and that our belief systems do not block our progress.    In all creation, in all heavens - all hypnosis is ended; we are free of all hypnosis, and now able to exercise our own free will.

A good team leader identifies the problem, get suggestions from the team about needed actions, places these in context, and develops a plan of action, and persuades all concerned that it is to their benefit to take the required action, which they have helped to select.

We now ask all the parts of our Being, all the members of our team, to consider how their present actions affect the overall performance and well being of our total Being.

We ask all to regress together, day by day and year by year, to when they were formed - and to suggest the changes that they need to make to ensure that they all have a positive influence in re-forming as a really good team, with all members doing their correct job to help our total Being for the Highest and Best Good of All.

We go back together, year by year, stopping at events that had a major impact on our lives - to re-assess our understandings of these events with our present knowledge, and decide any changes that are needed.

We accept the responsibility for our actions, apologizing for thoughts and actions that hurt others, asking to be forgiven, and forgiving those that hurt us - perhaps they taught us a lesson and should be thanked !

We have personal and ancestral memories of events that cause problems with our understanding of our Beingness and how we react to situations and occurrences.    We now change our memories of the events to eliminate all such detrimental attributes so that our reactions result in beneficial behaviour, and change the memories of our cells and of our muscular systems to eliminate all memory of hurts and pains.

Thoughts that we sent to others are part of our own ‘Energy Being’ - we bring them home so that we again become complete.    We send the thoughts of others back to them with True Holy Love - so that those others can be complete, and to prevent any interference with our team.

Influences from past lives of ourselves and others may have joined with us to seek recognition and Healing; perhaps some ‘not good energies’ entered into our being; in some cases we may have been ‘possessed’ by others; it may be that Soul parts of others have entered our Being.    These are ‘not wanted on voyage’ and must now leave - so in True Holy Love, Namaste, we ask ‘The System’ that they be taken ‘into the Light to be Healed with True Holy Love, Namaste, in the way that is best for All Creation’.

We go back together to our youth, to our childhood, to our infancy, to before our birth, to before our conception - learning all lessons as we regress, and releasing all emotional triggers.

Before we came into this world we may have made ‘Soul Contracts’ as a result of karma or to work with other to overcome problems, to learn lessons, and to achieve success in missions.    We send Healing with True Holy Love, Namaste, to all involved in such karma and Soul Contracts.

Some of these ‘Soul Contracts’ may have been forced on us, been not for our Highest and Best Good, may involve causing harm to others, or not be applicable to our present circumstances.

We now cancel and void all ‘Soul Contracts’ and other influences, including those from any other existence of any life form, which are not now for our Highest and Best Good or could cause harm to others.

Let our total Being be cleansed by the Violet Flame, Healed by all needed colours of Light, and protected by layers of Good Gold and Good Silver Light.

Our development may be such that we can now be entrusted with new missions for Good - we check and accept those that we know we can achieve.

Let all needed Healing be given in True and Holy Love to our Spirit, Higher Self, Lower Self, Soul, and other levels of Beingness involved with us even without our conscious knowledge, and be given to all their associates and in their families.

Let all our guides and other helpers always act in the Highest and Best Good of our Being and of All Creation, and that any who act otherwise be immediately removed and Healed in the way that is best for All Creation.

If it be in the Highest and Best Good of ourselves and of All Creation then:

1. Let all constraints on our use of our Soul Senses be removed and that these be fully co-ordinated with our physical senses, let us have full access to all knowledge that will help us in our life, and let our whole Being always be kept free of damage, balanced, and fully operational in all aspects and in all dimensions - so that we are best able to accomplish the tasks given to us, always acting in True Holy Love.    This is to include all our Chakras, glands, organs, meridians, grids, assemblage point, auric bodies, personal information fields, and other systems.

2. If any influences have mis-aligned our cells (or any other part of us) let this now be corrected, let all of us align with the ‘Master Cell’.    Let all of our cells always spiral good and be in communication with the ‘Wisdom of our Body’.    Let any of our genes that have been damaged be repaired, and all our repair and maintenance genes be made fully operational.

3. For all time to come let all our reactions to others be in Harmony and True Holy Love, and our intuitive abilities be fully operational including the removal of all blockages - by altering genes or by any other method, without causing any effects that are not beneficial to our Being or that cause any hurt or harm to others.

4. Let all hooks and cords that we have used to link to others, and all that have been placed in our Being by others, be removed.    Let all implants, all imprints, all control devices, all interference, all thought forms, and all that has been sent to us without True Holy Love be removed.    Let protection be placed to prevent any re-installation of these or similar things that are not beneficial to our Beingness.

We now pledge to operate at all times, in all ways, and in all aspects to help others with good intent for the highest and best good of all - to so operate in True Holy Love, Namaste.

All changes are to be for the Highest and Best Good of our Being and of All Creation, and be effective in all planes of existence, in all dimensions, in all domains, in all times, and in all ‘nows’.

In all cases our cellular memories are to be adjusted accordingly, and changes in genes are to be imprinted in all genes and re-imprinted as needed.

Now we all agree to come together again in Harmony and True Holy Love, making sure that our Spirit, Soul, Ego, Higher Self, Lower Self, Conscious Self, Sub-conscious Self, Unconscious Self, and Non-conscious Self and all other parts of our Being are doing their correct jobs as members of the team, adjusting our intentions and our ways so that they are compatible with working together as a well co-ordinated team for the Highest and Best Good of our Being and of All Creation.

We come back to conception, to before our birth, to our infancy, to our childhood, to our youth, to being an adult - always stopping at events which had a major impact on our belief systems and memories, and taking the needed time to put these into a correct perspective according to our current knowledge.

We now ask that screens of the required dimensions of good gold and of all other needed colours be placed with True Holy Love within and around our Being, to protect and guard against all energies that are not in the Highest and Best Good of our Being or of All Creation for all our life, and to Heal all such energies in the way that is best for All Creation.

End of program. Thanks.’

Using the Program

Having read the ‘Healing the Total Being’ program, now check with your Intuition (through your Heart) that it is clear, non-contradictory, and without errors.    Make any changes that are indicated, and re-check.

Ask permission to install the program; if granted, ask that it be installed now; check if the installation has been successful and without error - and then run the program on yourself.

Expect that this program will take a few days (and nights) to run and do the needed Healing - depending on the amount of corrective action to be taken.    The key is to sincerely desire the corrections to be made and to be open to accepting the errors that you have made.

We all make many mistakes - what is important is to recognize our errors, apologize for harm that we caused (to ourselves and others), forgive others involved, understand the lessons that we can learn from our mistakes - and learn those lessons, so we do not have to repeat our errors !

We have got rid of a lot of old rubbish, of junk discarded by others; we have had all treacherous ground removed; we have taken the topsoil out of the way, so that it is not buried but can be re-used in our new and improved garden.

Our foundation has been corrected, and the building of our life improved.    As we continue, we must always remember that we are responsible for whatever we do.

This includes all actions which are indicated by our Intuition, Guides, or other helpers. Are these genuinely beneficial ?

One of the purposes of life may be to experience situations which give choices of action. If we believe that some action is wrong, that it would cause harm to others, we alone take full responsibility for that action.

We all make mistakes, however, and these are acceptable if we act with good intent, and learn all lessons from reconsidering the actions that we take - we can then forgive ourselves for mistakes made with good intent.

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