Intuition 'On Demand'
by John Living, Professional Engineer.
ISBN 978-0-9686-3233-8

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Most of us know that we have Intuition - we get a certain 'knowingness' on occasions.

But there is a problem !    Sometimes, when we need guidance, we are left 'in the cold'.

Now this can be changed !    And this book explains 'how to do this' in simple, easy ways.

By using these techniques you can get guidance from 'Upstairs' on any subject - including relationships, work problems, and the health of yourself and your family.

The 'Key' is to form a clear question in your logical mind, ask your Heart, and be aware of any body movements.

This book explains how you can define meanings to such movements, such as YES or NO - so you can ask a series of questions to get precise advice.

Did you know that you can use blinking of your eyes, positions of your tongue, or feel the smoothness or roughness of a finger nail to give you answers - and that nobody else need realize what you are doing ?

There are simple ways that these signals can be amplified - and further detail given by your Intuition.

Do you know how to change the programs that run your Mind-Brain system ?    Learn how to do this !

Your 'Power of Thought' is often under-developed - you can enhance its abilities, always for the general good.

As an example, you can influence the outcome of a meeting - in advance !

All these skills can help you to improve the life situations and well-being of those close to you.

A few simple methods of non-medical Healing are discussed - working with the 'Angelic Forces' to help others.

And you can even make 'energetic medicines' that are more efective than prescription drugs - and guaranteed to be free of all side effects !

This book also has a number of Intuitive games that you can play, to help you develop your skills !

Intuition 'On Demand' - ISBN 978-0-9686323-3-8

Why be difficult, when
- with a little more effort,
You can be absolutely impossible !



Naturally, We ARE Intuitive!
A Simple Exercise
What is intuition ?
Intuitive Examples
Our Real Sixth Sense
How does Intuition Operate ?
Awareness is most Important
Understanding Intuition
Knowledge Base
Science and Religion
Other Dimensions
Cleve Backster’s Experiments
Dr Emoto’s Crystals

The Human Being
Ships of ‘Being’
‘Know Thyself’
Auras and Chakras
Hidden Energy Systems
The Role of our Sub-Conscious
We are Not Alone !
Our Heart-Mind-Brain Team
Brain Waves
We are Energy Beings !

We are Psychic !
Successful Teachers
See-ers - or Seers for short !
Knowers - aka Gnostics
Your Own Abilities
Improve your Feeling
Louder Soul Hearing
How to See More
Knowing Even More
Practice makes Perfect
More Information

We Compute !
Opening Our Operating System
Running Programs
Adding and Changing Programs
Direct Programming
Programming Example
Debugging Programs
Improving Access to Storage

Emotional Freedom Techniques
Brief Introduction to EFT
The Basic Recipe
The Setup
The Affirmation
The Sore Spot
The Karate Chop Point
Stepping Through It
The Sequence
The Points
The 9 Gamut Procedure
The Reminder Phrase
Subsequent Round Adjustments
Usage Comments

Improving Our Performance
Life is Full of Lessons
Being a Victim
Overcoming Anger
Holding on to Anger
Self Destruction
Sing a Happy Song
Laughter is Infectious
Random Acts of Kindness
Respect and Love

Germs‘We Are What We Eat’
Life Force in Food
Pains that Move
Earth Energies
Is Your Bed Safe ?
German New Medicine

Simple Healing
Washing Machine
Healing in General
Advanced Healing Overview
Healing Touch, etc.
Flower Essences
Shamanic Healing

Our Intuitive Radio
More Body Signals
Dan Wilson’s Comments

Amplifying Intuitive Signals
Intuition on Building Sites
Make your own L rod
Signals for L rods
Pointing with your L rod
Is the Baby a Boy ?
Make and Hold your Pendulum
Signals used with your Pendulum
Pointing with your Pendulum
Simple Counting
Segment Selection
Selection from Lists
Your Handy Chart
Historical Background
Current Attitudes

Asking Questions
Asking Your Intuition
Some Important Rules
Some Hints
Multiple and Imprecise Questions
Greater Depth Needed

The Power of Thought
Thoughts are Broadcast
Our Own Thoughts
Thought precedes Action
Help from ‘Upstairs’
The Secret
Quality of Thought
‘No Harm to Others’
The Power of Love
The Effect of Emotions
Be Sensual !
Magical Ceremony
You are a Magician !

It is a Matter of Form
Sub-atomic Particles
The Dancers
Vibrational Patterns
Improving the Environment
Home First !
Energy Healing
Making ‘Sanjeevini’ Medicine
Making your own Medicine
Experimenting with Thought
Protect One Self !
Mind over Matter

More on Noxious Energies
Locating and Evaluating Noxious Energies
Methods of Transmuting Noxious Energies

Fun, Not Hard Work !
Everyday Opportunities
Sector Selection
Map Locating
Card Guessing Game
Shaking a Dice
Lie Detector Game

Further Information

About the Author:
John Living has been a Royal Engineer, a Chartered Civil Engineer, and a Professional Engineer.
His articles have been published in the American, British, and Canadian journals.

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