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Understanding ourselves,
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By John Living Professional Engineer,
Executive Secretary of the Holistic Intuition Society.

This is an extract from the book Intuition 'On Demand'
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Naturally, We ARE Intuitive !

Have you ever felt ‘something is not right !’ - and, forewarned, avoided a problem ?
Have you met someone new and felt something about them - and been correct ?
Have you lost something and then thought ‘it is there’ (in an unexpected place) and so looked and found it ?
Have you felt apprehensive before eating something, eaten it, and had a stomach ache ?
If any thing like this has happened to you, then you have been Intuitive !
We are all Intuitive to some degree - and can all improve our Intuitive abilities; and it helps to understand more about the Intuitive process, so that we can choose the method that suits us best.

What is Intuition ?

Winston Churchill is understood to have said “in truth, all people are offered help by their intuition - but most pick themselves up and escape as fast as possible”.

Those of us who accept this help become convinced that it is a ‘Force for Good’, and wish that it could be accessed ‘On Demand’.

‘Guidance from “The System”’ is a fair definition, “The System” being the total environment in which we operate in life, including our memories, our sub-conscious self, our Guides, our ‘Higher Self’, and our ‘Guardian Angels’ as representatives of ‘God’ (or whatever labels we choose to use), and the total knowledge banks and information centres of “All that Is” in the past, present, and (to some extent) the future.

In ‘Awakening Osiris’ - the beautiful and topical translation of the ‘Egyptian Book of the Dead’ by Normandi Ellis - it tells about the first human, Horus, the son of Osiris and Isis ...
“He was born out of death, carrier of his Father’s wisdom, he was the living emblem of Love. He was the Light triumphing over darkness, the first man, the miracle of nature - and he was followed by magic. A pair of hawks circled above him ... They dropped two plumes which he placed on his forehead, two gifts that fell from the sky - Intuition and Love, gifts from the Goddesses - that he might walk towards Heaven and his Father and never lose his way”.

Ships of ‘Being’

Perhaps we need to describe ourselves, too. Are we like ships sailing the oceans of existence ? If so, then our Conscious Self would be the Captain, leaving the routine running of our bodies to the officers and petty officers such as our sub-conscious, our glands and organs, our limbs, and our nervous, muscular, and other systems.

Our Heart, our ego, our sub-conscious, the logical and the intuitive parts of our thinking team - they are like the senior officers; very often they do not ‘get on’ with each other - or the Captain ! Perhaps they have been trying to get their viewpoint to the Captain without success, so are ‘taking action’ to get their message noticed, which may be disrupting the operation of our ship (causing sickness ?) and spoiling our voyage through life.

Each ship has a communications centre, which in our case may be the intuitive part of our thinking team, equipped with many radio receivers to listen to numerous broadcasts; but most of these do not concern the ship, or are of general interest. Imagine the communications officer getting an enormous number of such messages; he has to decide which are important, and to whom they should be sent - and not many end up on the Captain’s table. Perhaps the Captain has asked for information or help, and some messages may be guiding him, but unknown to the communications officer - so are not forwarded.

Some may be sent to the bridge, but the First Mate (the logical part of our thinking team) may not like them, think that they are not important, or try to deal with them himself - or putting his own ‘twist’ on the report to the Captain.

It seems that the main priority is to get the ship’s crew to work together - in Peace, Harmony, and Love. Balancing the left and right sides of our brain is often meant as getting the logical and intuitive parts of our thinking team to be better ‘team mates’.

Telling all parts of our Being that we love them and appreciate all that they do for us is similar to the Captain speaking to all the crew, to help get them all working together for the overall benefit of the ship. The help and co-operation of the Chief Petty Officer is critical - he leads the crew; perhaps we may recognize him as our Heart.

Having the ship in good order and the crew working well together helps us in stormy weather and when sailing in dangerous waters !

Often the ship sails to new ports, where customs and language differ; and we meet other vessels on the way. We may exchange energies with some, tell them about places we have visited, or let them know of any revisions to the charts used for navigation.

When we set sail we seldom know where we are going in life - we may have ‘sealed orders’ from pre-birth, or be pushed off course by storms or incorrect charts.

Some may signal that they have messages or supplies for us, and others may be flying flags which tell us to beware. Occasionally a ship may appear to be friendly, but turn out to be run by pirates; in such cases having good communications can help to get good guidance from the Admiralty - perhaps a friendly warship for protection, or even a flight of Angels overhead !

‘Know Thyself’

Atoms form the cells of our bodies; a body which is alive has more than just atoms - it has a life force which has defied all scientific attempts to locate or define it, perhaps a Grand Form of Love.

‘Atom’ means the smallest possible particle that can exist, but today we know of many sub-atomic particles; the view of many physicists is that an atom is not even solid, but is mainly space - a tiny nucleus at the centre (like the sun) with electrons in orbit around (like planets).

Over one hundred years ago Leadbeater and Besant were able to describe the different atoms and their sub-atomic particles - the existence of these only being confirmed by scientists many years later when electron microscopes were developed. But what they described in ‘Occult Chemistry’ goes far beyond the facts so confirmed; they were able to see four layers of aura around every sub-atomic particle !

Perhaps these auras are made by very tiny ‘Beings’ - ‘Baby Energies’ - each of which can Feel, Love, Think, and Act to a limited degree. Perhaps they form ‘All that Is’ by doing different dances at selected frequencies of vibration.

The larger the concentration (and the greater the complexity of their organization) of these ‘Beings’ then the greater their potential ability to Feel, Love, Think, and Act.

If this be so, then it explains the old wisdom that ‘We are All the Same’ - made by ‘dance teams’ of the same ‘baby energies’ in various combinations of inter-related dances.

I may be incorrect in my understanding, but such a hypothesis goes a long way to explaining how plants and pets can communicate with humans and how memories can be retained in objects and used by many ‘psychics’ to give readings.


When we have a thought, get a feeling, or express an emotion, we broadcast it to ‘All that Is’, as do all animals, reptiles, insects, and plants. Perhaps the unimportant broadcasts are dissipated over time, but those that ‘The System’ considers to be noteworthy seem to be stored - added to ‘The System’s’ store of knowledge or retained as memories in any stones or crystals affected.

A thought that is broadcast is like a pebble thrown into a pond - it sends ripples that travel the whole surface, perhaps meeting other ripples and changing to jointly form an interference pattern, similar to that used in a holograph.

We, and ‘All that Is’, receive these complicated interference patterns; from our interpretation of these interference patterns we formulate our own actions. Thus each thought that we have (and broadcast) has a potential effect in the future, both our future and that of others.

Any thought, etc., that we broadcast is sent out as a symbol; my thought, if in English, is translated into a set of symbols; a Chinese speaking recipient gets the symbols, and his sub-conscious reacts; if considered to be important to his conscious self then the symbols are probably translated into his Chinese dialect.

Thus it is seen that language is not a barrier. Plants and animals also communicate using these same symbols, which helps to explain Cleve Backster’s experiments.

Some years ago there was a lie detector specialist called Cleve Backster who became interested in plants. He decided to test how long it took for water in a plant pot to reach the top leaf in a plant which was dry, so he attached a lie detector to the top leaf.

Backster was amazed to see that the lie detector indicated happiness as soon as it was attached, even though no water had been added. He then wondered if the plant would give an unhappy signal if he set the leaf on fire - and was astounded that the plant gave that unhappy signal as soon as he had the thought ! This experiment has been well publicised both in books and on television.

Later, detectors connected to his plants in California were able to indicate his emotional state when he visited New York. In other experiments, detectors connected to blood samples have been shown to fluctuate with the emotional state of their donors when miles away, and continue to do so for a number of hours.

Dr Masaru Emoto in Japan has spear-headed the investigation of water crystals subjected to various thoughts. When he took two samples of distilled water and wrote ‘Hitler’ on one and ‘Mother Theresa’ on the other, the crystal from the Hitler sample was distorted and even has a little picture of Hitler in the crystal - the one of Mother Theresa was beautifully formed.

He played different music to the water as it crystallized - heavy metal and rock music caused mis-shapen crystals, while the music of Bach yielded well formed crystals. When water was from homeopathic cultures of flower essences, the distinctive patterns of the flowers could be seen !

Crystals were formed from water taken from a large lake before and after a Japanese blessing service; they changed from being distorted to having a beautiful shape - matching the change in the colour of the water in the lake itself !

About 70% of the weight of a human body is water; this helps to explain the changes in a human when subjected to various thoughts; the food that you eat also is mainly water, so Blessing what is consumed improves the beneficial value of the food - at very little cost !

Auras, and Chakras

There are many reports from people who are clairvoyant that our bodies have auras, and that there are ‘objects’ in these auras which can affect a person. The ancient wisdom is that each human body has ‘Chakras’, shaped somewhat like microwave aerials and so acting to receive signals - from auras, our environment, and the cosmos.

We have personal patterns within our own Being that also help to define our future actions. These may come from past lives, pre-natal impressions, childhood memories, things that we were taught, our analysis of our experiences, and our expressed dreams and hopes. These seem to be stored in our auras and our bodies.

If you send good thoughts to a person, their aura will expand ! This happens even if they are thousands of miles away. What you send comes back - so avoid hurting others by having bad thoughts (anger, hate, etc) about them.

It is recognized by many that a human is sensitive to the auras of another person, and in some cases to the memories carried in these auras or in the cellular memories of a person. Sometimes when we meet a person for the first time we move forward in our body towards him (he is attractive in some way), or bend backwards slightly to get away (perhaps our Being has found something undesirable).

Intuition includes the ability to receive these broadcasts and to respond to these auric interactions, processing them in the intuitive part of our thinking team, and making sense of them with the help of the logical part of our thinking team.

Intuitive Examples

Many people have called Intuition our ‘sixth sense’- having direct input into our conscious thoughts.

Usually we recognize our Intuition only when an especially important message is received such as not feeling ‘good’ about a person or situation, or we get an impulse to take a particular action.

When I am making things, my mind seems to wander; often I would think of old friends. After about 2 years I realized that (a) the friend that was in my mind and (b) the work I was doing - they were related ! If the job was good, then I thought of friend A - if poor, it was friend D that came to mind; other friends B and C were also involved.

Shows how intuitive I was not to make the connection earlier ! Other signals that I now recognize are when songs suddenly 'arise' in my thoughts - and I now consider "What does that song indicate to me ?".

There have been a number of well publicized cases when a person has felt that a particular flight or journey was ‘not good’ and so cancelled or changed their reservation - and avoided death or serious injury when their original plane or train crashed. Mothers are well known to have special ‘connections’ to a baby - automatically knowing if their child is in trouble, and racing to prevent a tragedy.

Some notable investors who are most successful, including George Soros, admit to relying heavily on their intuition, and revising their investments when they feel that that a stock is ‘troubled’.

Perhaps the biggest difference between top executives is their attitude to Intuition - those who use it as a helpful indicator tend to be more successful.

The Role of our Sub-Conscious

Very few people really understand the sub-conscious - and the models used vary between different psychologists and psychiatrists.

One model which is very ancient and has been proven to work over a very long time is the model used in Polynesia in general, and Hawaii in particular by the Kahunas of Huna fame.

The Huna model has five basic levels - the God level, the Higher Self, the Conscious Self, the Sub-Conscious Self, and the physical body, operated primarily by the Sub-Conscious Self.

The God level (‘The System’) is all-powerful, and can do most things - but is very busy doing the most important things, so does not listen to all the ‘chatter’ that occurs from individuals.

The Higher Self can be considered to be our Guardian- always aware of what we are doing, but seldom interfering - except (sometimes) in an emergency.

The Conscious Self thinks that it is in control (our Ego !) and gives lots of orders, some of which are not really understood; it has a major problem in that it cannot communicate directly with the Higher Self or the God level.

The Sub-Conscious Self (a label for perhaps a motley group of Beings that sometimes do not work together harmoniously !) can be considered to understand things at the level of a four or five year old child - which accounts for it not understanding some of the orders received from the Conscious Self ! But it has one great ability - it is in communication with the Higher Self.

So if we request help from ‘The System’ we must first of all decide exactly what is wanted and express it in simple non-contradictory terms. Next we must then persuade our Sub-Conscious that we are really sincere about getting the help - explaining clearly and precisely what is requested, and ‘willing’ that our Sub-Conscious ask this help from the Higher Self.

If our Higher Self is ‘happy’ about the request (that it will help the Human learn a lesson, or be of help to others, for example) then it will ask ‘The System’ to give the required assistance.

It seems as if our Sub-Conscious, Higher Self, and ‘The System’ are all so busy doing things that they only act if something is expressed as being done ‘now’. If it is stated in the past then it is ignored. If it is ‘in the future’ then they consider that no action is needed now (only in some vague and undefined future time !). So it is most important that all this asking is to happen ‘NOW’.

Formulating the Request

When we seek help, it is usually for information about a course of action that we should take - bearing in mind that all others who are concerned will have varying motives and will take actions of their own of some sort.

Now we all know that there are highly gifted clairvoyants who just see all that is due to happen, and achieve this with little effort !

But for those of us who are starting out it is best to ask for help by asking a question when seeking guidance.

It is important that we ask clear and precise questions. “Will I marry and have two children ?” is a compound question, to be avoided - to what does ‘YES’ refer ? Ask “Will I marry ?” and then “Will I have two children ?”.

Imagine that you are in a car which has a broken fuel gauge; you ask “Does the car need gas ?”. The answer will always be ‘YES’, even if the tank is full. The car needs gasoline (called 'gas') to make the engine work, and it needs air (another gas) to burn with the gasoline and to fill the tyres. A better way to ask this question would be “Is the gas tank of this car less than half full ?”.

There are some questions which should NOT be asked - especially if the question is NOT your business, or if it concerns your (or another person’s) death ! Another problem is getting a correct answer to a question in which you have a big emotional stake - such as stock market projections or the winning numbers for a lottery.

How does Intuition Work ?

Some people are gifted by having a natural ability to ‘see things’ clairvoyantly or ‘hear messages’ clairaudiently. Intuition also works by using our nervous-muscular system and by manipulating our normal five senses - seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, and tasting.

In most of us these skills are dormant - but we all have the potential to improve our abilities. This is easiest when we first identify the Intuitive method that our own Being prefers.

The more that we are aware of our environment, the easier to note any changes in our perception. Seeing not just an object, but all the contouring, shading, and variations in colour (and careful note of the surrounds and background) gives us a better appreciation of ‘what we see’.

When we ask our Intuition for help on a subject, we can also define that ‘all that we see’ in the next few minutes has a meaning relating to the subject. We will still see the same views as would have otherwise been seen, but our sight now may emphasize certain shapes, colours, contrasts, or even objects.

Laura Day, who has written a number of books on Intuition, suggests another way in her ‘Practical Intuition’: ask the question, and then check: How do you feel ? What am I thinking now ? What taste is in my mouth ? What am I smelling ? What am I seeing first when I close and then open my eyes ?

Also write down the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a place, person, colour, time, town, river, food, weapon, fear, memory, etc - you can write each of these on a card, and go through them to get immediate answers; do each one quickly - and if you do not get an answer then make one up !

When ready, be fully aware of your environment, ask your question, and then note all the changes to your environment - a memory of a person or situation that comes to mind, a change of taste in your mouth, the shivers, a funny smell, hearing a noise that you did not notice before, or a picture flashing into your mind.

You may walk down the street and notice a particular colour, shape, or object; perhaps certain flowers in a garden ‘call’ to you; or your attention may focus on something in a shop window. Yes, all these things were there before, but your Intuition is drawing your attention to them to ‘get a message across’.

You seek guidance on a situation, and a memory of a person or a happening comes to mind - could your relationship with that person, the memory of how they behaved (to you or to others), or the outcome of that happening be an indication regarding your present situation ?

Then we have to ‘make sense’ of these impressions - a job fitting for the logical part of our thinking team !

It helps to ask for further clarification, and a thought may ‘pop’ into your mind. Now that ‘first thought’ is probably from your intuition, and should be taken seriously; any second thoughts are likely to be from your logical mind, and may best be disregarded.

It pays to immediately record all your intuitive experiences. Often you will find a pattern that indicates the way that your intuition works. Certain symbols seen - or persons popping into your mind - may have special meanings, even appearing in dreams. By recording these, you may find the key to deciphering such meanings.


Clairvoyance is easy for a few people, difficult for most. You may get occasional flashes of the future, or of happenings elsewhere. Like all skills, the more that you use visualization the better your clairvoyance will develop.

If you do not ‘get a picture’ then imagine one ! It is easier for your thinking team to build an image based on the intuitive answer than to build a new image from scratch - so you may be surprisingly correct !

Visions can show many things at the same time: ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’. This means that they may be giving a more complete impression than you requested, and also that they can usually be interpreted in a number of ways !

Laura Day in ‘Practical Intuition’ uses the visualization of an apple as an indicator of a future trend. In her classes (and in her books) she asks the student to visualize an apple - smell it, feel its weight, guess its size, and see its colour; then visualize another apple. Which apple is larger ?

Only after you have done this does she explain its significance - verbally in class, and on future pages in the book - that you have forecast the change in the next day’s movement of the Dow Jones Financial Index ! And you can look in tomorrow’s paper to check the answer ! When repeated a number of times (and recorded !) you may become aware of the meanings associated with the changes in smell, weight, and colour.


If a word or phrase comes to mind in answer to a question, then this is an example of clairaudience. But perhaps you do not get ‘the connection’ - in this case, you can write down the word, and then list other words associated with it. Perhaps you will then feel drawn to one of these; if you still lack understanding, repeat based on this new word; carry on until you feel that you have a good hint to the answer.

Automatic listening is another variation on clairaudience. The key here is to dictate into a recorder all that pops into your mind just as fast as you can - without trying to make sense of it (keep the logical part of your thinking team ‘at bay’). Only try to understand what you get after you have finished dictating.

Automatic writing is similar - and some people find that using their ‘unusual’ hand to hold the pen or pencil helps, by emphasizing to your sub-conscious that this is not a normal writing exercise.

Other people manage to have success with this on their computer keyboard, just letting their fingers hit the keys without watching where they are, or what is typed.

Improving our Intuitive Abilities

Often our Intuition is most active just as we go to sleep or awaken. This is known as the ‘Alpha’ brain wave state - when our brainwaves have a frequency between about 8 and 14 cycles per second. With practice we can ‘get into’ Alpha state when fully awake - and so be better able to work with our Intuition.

If you are going somewhere you usually prepare first, for example by dressing appropriately. Similarly if you want to have good intuition then it helps to get ready - by relaxing, by being sincere, and by getting into Alpha state. Breathing can be most helpful to you. By concentrating on your breath you tend to clear your mind, especially if you take good, deep breaths through your nose.

Dr Marcia Emery in her ‘Intuition Workbook’ suggests a way of using your breath to improve your intuitive abilities is to feel (with your consciousness) the incoming breath at the top of your nose while drawing it down deeply into your solar plexus (and when this area is full, then expanding your lungs to get more air into you) at the same time as saying a long ‘Hang’ while intaking air. Now slowly move your consciousness down to your solar plexus and then exhaling through your mouth while saying ‘Sah’. Note that this breathing technique can help you get into Alpha - and also help you to sleep !

Perhaps the most important aspects of working with your Intuition are being sincere - similar to making a prayer - and making certain that you are working with the ‘Good Guys’. There are many cases where people have committed serious crimes because ‘They heard a voice tell me to kill him’; to prevent this always address your question to your Heart and check “Is this answer coming from ‘The Light ?”.


Our sub-conscious is always aware of our conscious thoughts; but it works in ‘the Now’ - responding only to what it understands to be actually happening now. If a thought is for the future, it will be ‘filed away’ as ‘in some future’ and will not manifest !

So it is important to persuade our sub-conscious that we now enjoy whatever we seek. Affirmations are so used to change our reality - and the greater the effort the more likely the result, especially if different modes are used. Think it; speak it aloud; feel it; see it; taste it; smell it; hear what it does ! And the more often that you do this, the sooner you can expect ‘it’ to happen.

One way is to visualize the present as best you can, make any desired changes to this picture, and then store it as the ‘truth’, that is ‘how it is now’.

The first time that you do this is an occasion. The second time is a confirmation of ‘what you said’. The third time implies that you really mean this, so act ! So if you really want something, be sure that what you have described is exactly ‘what you want’ and that your description is clear and precise, and repeat it three times - and in groups of three times - to reinforce your ‘willing’ that it be so.

‘Be careful of what you request - you may get it !’ and find that although it fits your description, it is not suitable ! Do not ask for ‘a Cadillac’ - the one that you get may be on its way to the scrap heap.

Be clear and precise - ask the model, year, colour, that it be in excellent working condition, that it remain in excellent working condition for all the time that you own it (and say how long the minimum period), that it never gives you any large repair bills, that you and your family will always be safe in it.

Laura Day’s book (and lecture) on ‘The Circle’ is an excellent guide to your own manifestation of what you really desire.


When you get an unexpected letter hold it to your forehead and then to your heart - notice how your senses change, the impression that you get. You may learn much about the writer, his current mood, and the contents of the letter.

If you hold something in your hand (a tool, piece of clothing, jewellery) close your eyes and let your mind wander - what ‘comes to mind’ is probably connected with a previous user. If it is an old piece of jewellery, the impressions may be from a number of past owners.

When the telephone rings, ‘guess’ who it might be, and the reason for the call. As you practice you will find that your ‘guessing’ becomes more accurate. You can even make others call you - if you ‘will’ that a person calls you, often the telephone will ring in a few minutes, and it is that person on the line.

When you look at an apple, visualize it as well - and note all the subtle aspects like patterns, colour changes, shading, and its environment; feel its texture; smell and taste it. Rotate it, to see it from different aspects. Then make changes - a blue skin, feeling like sandpaper, smelling like a fish and tasting like an orange.

See a beautiful flower, smell its perfume, feel its texture. Now imagine that you ARE the flower. How do you feel ? Travel into its stem, visit the leaves; go into the root - what experiences do you have ? This is not an easy exercise, but you can do it with perseverance - and be well rewarded for your efforts.

Now you are going to meet a person for the first time. “Walk a mile in my moccasins” is a well known phrase, meaning be like that person, to better understand him. But you can do more - you can BE that person ! So imagine that you are that person, now ! What do you feel ? Think ? Want ? Do you have any strong emotions ? Even imagine what they look like. You will be fascinated by the accuracy of your impressions. Can you think of the best way to handle them, so you get your needs satisfied ? Practice - and be surprised at how well you succeed.

Laura Day, in her ‘Practical Intuition for Success” explains that this ‘tuning in’ to others is not restricted to one person - you can ‘be’ the ‘group mentality’ of a society, a business, a company, and so improve your ability to handle any negotiations and achieve your goals.

Healing Exercise

Use a sketch of a body, and write the name of a person at the top. Add their date and place of birth, their present address - and any other information that you know. Perhaps you have never met or heard of him before - so do you intuit that you have a good link to this person ? If so, do you intuit that it is not an invasion of their privacy to proceed with the intention of helping him ? If not, link to another person.

When you feel that you have a good and non-invasive link, work on each leg, each arm, their left, centre, and right sides of their body and their head. Using a pencil, move it to where you are working, and if you feel a hot or cold spot (or otherwise intuit that something may be wrong) make a mark and letter or number it.

Now make a note on another piece of paper with the letter or number, and then add whatever you feel is happening at that spot; hot or cold, heavy or light, colour, any thought about what is there; do not think logically about what you are doing, just write your ‘funny’ impressions. Then continue to the next spot.

When you have finished the body, move your pencil to where you intuit the person’s aura - and trace the outline of where the aura appears to be. You may find that the aura is not balanced, or that it is missing in some places; if so, mark any spots and record your impressions. When you have done this, go in the auric space and mark any ‘funny’ spots, again recording what you intuit.

This is a wonderful exercise to do with some people that you do not know well - work on each other, and then discuss your findings. The accuracy is quite incredible in most sessions that I know about - with usually 50% to 75% of the findings being confirmed ! Remember that you will find things that happened many years before, so the other person may have forgotten about them.

Also you may find indications that are ‘not yet valid’; many Healers believe that diseases start in the auras, and only later manifest in the physical body - so you may find something that could happen in the future !

You are on the way to becoming a Healer ! But at this point, just send the ‘Total Being’ of the person ‘God’s Holy Love’ to be used for their ‘Highest and Best Good’. When you are more experienced, you may be able to visualize what is wrong, and ask the ‘Healing Energies and Angels’ to make corrections to help the person Heal.

One word of caution. Unless you are qualified, do not make any diagnosis such as naming an illness; you can, however, tell them ‘this is what I intuit’ and explain your impressions without any interpretation of your findings. Never tell someone ‘you have [an illness]’, but you can suggest that they seek medical help.

Body Movements

Earlier we mentioned that sometimes when we meet a person for the first time we move forward in our body towards him (he is attractive in some way), or bend backwards slightly to get away (perhaps our Being has found something undesirable).

This is one way that the Intuitive part of our Thinking Team signals a message to us - using our nervous-muscular system. Many therapists and medical professionals now test a person’s arm strength to check if a particular part of a patient's body is operating correctly - this is called ‘Kinesiology’.

They are feeling the response given by the patients nervous-muscular system as an aid to their diagnosis of a patient’s problem.

You do not need another person for this - you can train your own nervous-muscular system to give you answers directly - and this is a simple way of accessing your Intuition ‘on demand’ to get ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ answers.

Just teach your Sub-Conscious Self the signals that you want to use - and their meaning ! Lean your body forward slightly, and explain ‘This is a signal for ‘YES’”; now ask that ‘YES’ be indicated, and your body should lean forward. If you do not succeed the first time, repeat this lesson until you have success.

Now lean back slightly, explaining that “This is the signal for ‘NO’” and teach this signal in the same way. Practice these by holding various items in your hand and asking your Heart “Is this good for me to consume ?”.

There are many body movements that you can use to make signals :- your tongue touching your upper teeth for ‘YES’ and lower teeth for ‘NO’; friction between your thumb and a finger (experiment which is best for you) with ‘stickiness’ indicating ‘YES’; an arm moving slightly away from your body to signal ‘YES’. You can experiment yourself to develop other signals, and find which suit you best.

If you have lost your glasses (purse, ring, etc.) then close your eyes, ask your Heart “Please show me where to look to find (my glasses, etc)” and turn around until you ‘have a sense’ to open your eyes - and look exactly where your eyes are focused when you open them.

Tuning your Mind

It helps when doing this to create a picture in your mind of what you seek, so as to present a clear and precise image of the item. If your glasses are lost, picture them as spectacles - otherwise you may find your eyes focused on drinking glasses !

It helps to understand this process by likening your Mind-Brain-Heart-Body team to a radio transceiver cum computer. By thinking clearly of an item, etc., then you tune your ‘radio’ to the particular vibrational frequency and pattern of that item.

You can reinforce this ‘tuning’ by holding a sample of it in your hand - such as a photograph, clothing, or piece of hair from a missing person, or a lump of gold if you are prospecting for gold !

By asking your Heart you are more likely to get a correct answer than by just asking the question to yourself, since it seems that the Heart is the ‘CPU’ (central Processing Unit) of your Being when it is considered to have attributes similar to a computer.

Whenever you have an interaction with another Being you get the ‘email address’ of that Being - and it is stored within your memory banks. So when you think of a person, you transmit that thought to that person similar to sending an email message.

If the thought is kindly, the person will benefit, and unconsciously send you a ‘thank you’ back - so you benefit, too. The converse is also true - every time you think badly of another Being, then that thought gets reflected back to you as well. So it pays to always seek the good in others !

Importance of Water

Since our bodies are about 70% water, and water is so important for us, many people are naturally able to ‘tune in’ easily to water.

This is why there are so many reported cases of people who watch a person finding water and discover that they too can get a response.

Many construction and building crews have a person skilled in locating underground pipes - using a wire bent in an ‘L’ shape - since records are not always available.

Often the process used by them is not well understood ! People sometimes attribute this ability to the wire or other tool that is used, without realizing that it is just another method of working with Intuition.

Amplifying Our Intuitive Responses

If we consider once more our Mind-Brain-Heart-Body team to a radio transceiver, it is switched ‘ON’ since we are alive, and it is picking up many different transmissions but resonates with the vibrational frequency to which it is tuned. But it is hard to hear the transmission unless you have an earphone or loudspeaker.

The sound from an earphone is weak, and we have to have it in our ear to hear it; but when we attach a loudspeaker we hear the message ‘loud and clear’. In the same way we can train our own nervous-muscular system to be like the wires connecting the radio (the Intuitive part of our thinking team) to a loudspeaker (a tool which magnifies the nervous-muscular signal so that we can be more aware of the signal given).

Many ladies have used a needle on a thread to check if the baby will be a boy or a girl. Without any doubt the most popular tool for ladies is an enhanced version of the needle on thread - a Pendulum, being some small weight on a chain or string.

Men tend to prefer their ‘pipe finding tool’ (the ‘L’-rod) or a forked stick (historically preferred for locating wells). These are all ‘Dowsing Tools’ - and the number of people who use Dowsing to access their Intuition ‘On Demand’ is probably far greater than those who are skilled in clairvoyance or clairaudience !

Without any doubt the biggest attraction for the use of Dowsing to access their Intuition ‘On Demand’ is the ease of learning the skill - and that most people can do this in a very short time. Anyone can learn, unless their belief system is that it is ‘the work of the Devil’ or that they cannot do it for some other reason.

This is a typical example of the strength of belief systems: if you believe that you can (or cannot) do something - you are right !

Most people know that they have Intuitive abilities - so when they recognize that Dowsing is but one method of using these abilities then they can replace a previous belief of ‘Not Me’ to one of ‘It is OK - and I CAN do it’.

Typical uses of Dowsing are to:- find lost items; locate resources such as water, oil, and minerals; identify health problems; select supplements and dosages; check if changing a job or home would be beneficial; determine the best course of action to be taken; avoiding noxious energies.


Many people pick up a Pendulum and expect it to work immediately. Sometimes it does ! But most people have to define the signals and their meaning, and train their nervous-muscular system to generate such signals.

A person can define their own signals, but there are two basic sets for a Pendulum, based on the physical and the metaphysical realms:
Physical: Like asking "Is this food good for me to eat?" when 'to & fro' is YES, indicating a joining, and 'side to side' is NO, to bar you from the food.
Metaphysical: based on energy movements, which are spiralling - 'clockwise' is YES and INPUT of Healing, and 'anti-clockwise' is NO and EXTRACTION of 'not good' energies.

Since much of Dowsing involves pointing in a direction or to an item on a chart, a good workable system is to use clockwise for YES, and anti-clockwise for NO - using the directional swing for pointing.

Thus if you ask a question which involves pointing, getting a clockwise YES before the pointing is made can indicate that 'all is well' - so if you get an anti-clockwise NO then check for errors of some type.

Locating Noxious Earth Energies

Talking to most members of the medical profession in North America about noxious earth energies is similar to going back in time a few hundred years and telling people about radio waves.

In Europe there have been numerous researches made by medical doctors concerning ‘cancer homes’. These researches have shown that there are distinct housing areas and places within homes that are subject to ‘earth energies’ that are noxious to humans - and most animals and plants.

The investigation of these noxious energies was revived in modern times by Gustav Baron von Pohl, and by medical doctors such as Drs Curry and Hartmann in Germany. Studies were made by Dowsers of where noxious energies existed, were plotted on maps, and then compared with deaths from cancer - with excellent correlation. As a result there are places in Europe where geopathic studies are required before hospitals, schools, and other institutions are built.

In Austria, Kathe Bächler conducted a study of over 12,000 people in 15 countries and 3,000 homes - cases where extended sitting or sleeping caused sudden infant deaths, inattention at school, and diseases such as cancer, arthritis, and heart problems. In all these cases it needed only to change the position of the seat or bed to avoid ‘bad spots’ - and when this was done the health problems disappeared !

The incidence of cancer in gypsies is low - in a survey less than 2% had any relative that had died from cancer. In the ‘normal’ population about 25% of deaths in North America occur from cancer. The gypsies (and probably most aboriginal people) seldom stay in any one place for an extended period, and perhaps they are more Intuitive about such energies and are aware of places to avoid.

The best way to locate such noxious earth energies is Intuitively - by Dowsing; then you can avoid them, or use Dowsing techniques to divert them or convert them to being beneficial.

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Some examples from Kathe Bächler’s "Earth Radiation"
Click this link for more information about (and to get) this intriguing book !
The classic record of Käthe Bachler's research into noxious energies involving 11,000 people in more than 3,000 homes and work places in 14 countries - with 'Further Thoughts' by John Living.
Case #264. Shivering in bed.
Anita. at 10 years old, was very pale and sick a lot. Her schoolwork suffered.
She told me: “I have been sleeping in this room for the past year. I sleep poorly, I am so tired in the morning, and I have headaches most of the time”.
Change of bed! After only three days she reports happily: “Now I sleep very well and feel well. And I am so happy, because I am finally warm in bed. Before my bed was moved, I was always so cold in bed”.
Case #164. After her grandfather’s death
(he had died six months earlier from lung cancer), Lotte was given the privilege of sleeping in her grandfather’s old bed.
She immediately lost her appetite, suffered from headaches, had trouble sleeping and lost many days from school.
As soon as the bed was moved to another location, she felt better again.
Case #987. Mr. LI. has multiple sclerosis.
Mrs. H. from Salzburg asked for an examination.
Afterwards I asked her which bed her husband was sleeping in.
She said: “In this one, and pointed to bed No. II.
I looked surprised and she explained that he had been sleeping in bed No. 1 for 7 years and that they had changed beds only two weeks ago.
I recommended a different place.
Case #610. Premature birth
Gall bladder, cramps, and pain in the feet, premature delivery.
(The doctor believed that without the appropriate measures, the foetus would have been aborted.
The dowser said: “The child wanted to flee from the uterus.”
The child was born after 6 1/2 months of pregnancy,.cried most of the time, had convulsions, was restless.
The mother had to get up at night as often as 20 times to quiet the baby.
After the bed was moved to another place, there was improvement.
Case #660. The ten-month-old baby was tied to his crib.
The parents were afraid he might fall out of bed, because he stood up again and again.
When in his playpen, he only occupied the half which was “free of radiation,” never the half above the curry strip.
The father finally phoned me: “Since we moved the bed, we have had no problem with his sleeping and he is healthy and robust.”

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