Healing Overview
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Healing Overview

Healing without unwanted side-effects !

There are many paths to good health - some are better than others !

Many people have found the system outlined below to be excellent - and we hope that you will find it useful, that it works well for you, your family, and your friends.

Our key guide to good health is our Intuition.    Our logical brain processes only a few items at a time, whereas our intuitive mind-brain handles thousands of things extremely fast; our Heart also has its own neurons, and has special linkages to 'All That Is'.

'Intuition Technology'(my name for Dowsing) is when we form a question in our logical mind-brain and get a reply from our Intuitive mind-brain which then manipulates our nervous-muscular system to give a signal.

The best way to work with our Intuition is through our Heart - accepting that our Heart is the best leader/co-ordinator of our Heart-Mind-Brain team.    So when you work with your Heart to ask with 'True Holy Love' for the help of the Angelic Beings and Healing Energies in your Healing work you will increase the effectiveness of the Healing.

The 'steps' listed on this path need not be followed in the order shown - just take appropriate steps,    'Intent' is most important !

First Step - Noxious Energies - External Causes

Noxious Energies are invisible - but have a bad effect on your health. They need to be cleared from any place where a person spends a long time such as sleeping, sitting, or working - else ill-health may occur.

They originate from the earth and even small underground water veins, from electrical transformers and appliances, and sometimes from deceased people if they occupied the place, if the site was a battlefield, burial place, or had religious / sacred aspects which are being transgressed.

Often these noxious energies act like an energetic tornado, and have been recognized in Europe as a prime cause of cancer and other diseases, being a major contributor to 'infant sudden death syndrome'.

These need to be located and evaluated, and then removed or changed to be beneficial - such as by Blessing them !

Dowsing tools such as a Pendulum are ideal for location and evaluation, as explained in our 'Sleep Well, Be Healthy' booklet.

The most powerful tool for their removal and/or Blessing them to be beneficial is the 'Ptah Pendulum'.

Similar tornado-like vortexes can occur from X-rays and other medical devices that disrupt the body's inter-cellular communications. An excellent program to help with this (and other aspects of healing, such as side effects of vaccinations and the release of toxins) is to view the Quantum K Video 'Free Healing Experience' which takes about 25 minutes to watch ( I view it about twice a week ! )

Second Step - Our Sub-Conscious - Internal Causes

Our Sub-Conscious mind seems to be a remnant of our pre-animal reptilian physical construction (for want of better terminology !) and it stores everything that happens to us from conception onwards.

It re-acts to situations, and seems to have little abilty to think; it takes what others say as being more 'true' than our own thoughts, and has great difficulty in telling what is real from what is imagined in our mind.

Hence it makes many mistakes (with good intent !) that cause major problems to us - and our 'body system' tries to draw our attention to such problems by giving us hurts and pains in places that tend to to be symbolic of a problem.    When these signals are ignored then a stonger signal is sent, such as a disease.

Gary Craig developed a wonderful system of working with our sub-conscious called 'Emotional Freedom Techniques' (EFT) where the problem is recognized and accepted, and then corrections made directly to the sub-conscious - all by tapping at selected meridian points whilst repeating phrases to implement the needed changes, to 're-program' our sub-conscious.

Although it started as dealing with just emotional problems, users have found that EFT works just as well on mental and spiritual issues - there are many reports of almost instantaneous healing of different diseases !

In our 'Tap Troubles Away' .pdf file we have explained the basis of EFT, together with simplifications made by experienced practioners and further suggestions for improvements by encouraging our Heart-Mind-Brain to work as a well-organized team.

We have added addendums to this .pdf file:
*    'Cancer, Transplants' .pdf file explains how to help in the re-establishment of inter-cellular communications (disrupted by vortex actions) to clear cancerous cells from the body and assist with the healing of other serious diseases, and how to help transplanted organs to be accepted by the body and so prevent rejection.
*    'Ladies Only' .pdf file: based on ancient traditional Huna practices where a lady was expected to be able to control her own pregnancies, hints how to end unwanted pregnancies; and based on 'Cry from the Womb' (by Gwen Jones) to use EFT to prevent attachments of deceased baby Souls to the mother (causing many emotional problems in later life) or invasion of subsequent babies (leading to dual personalies - and sexual problems if the genders of the baby Souls differ).

When you watch a video of an experienced practitioner using EFT (and tap along on yourself at the same time !) you can expect to get healing on yourself - often in unexpected ways !

If you go to U-Tube and enter 'EFT' you can find many such videos - and more when you follow the 'links'; some are far better than others.

We have put a selection of the best of these (plus some other 'goodies') on a Data DVD, and also made Gary Craig's complete training libraries available - see 'DVD Videos from Conventions' for more details.

One of the most experienced practitioners is Linda Wood, who teaches EFT world-wide - see her website 'Magical Tapping Bears' for working with children using a toy bear - and for surrogate tapping !

Third Step - Radionics - Eradicating Diseases & Problems

Radionics is heavily discouraged by the medical authorities - it cannot be patented, so the pharmacutical companies (who, one way or another, control the medical system) cannot make a profit from it.   They object as it avoids the use of their drugs - and is free to use !

Unfortunately most of the Radionic systems tend to be expensive and rather hard to understand.   The 'Paper Doctor' was developed as a means of enabling wider use by individuals - but this was developed in the USA, and their 'Health ?' authorities had the book banned.

Fortunately an even better Radionics system has been developed in India - it is very simple to use, and can be downloaded (for free) from 'Sai Sanjeevini' and then the cards printed for use.

There are Radionic Healing Cards for 60 Body Parts and for 196 Diseases/Problems; they are very simple to use - just select (by knowledge of the problem or by Dowsing) which cards are needed, then place a glass of water on a card for at least 15 seconds, then repeat for the next card, etc.   This is like making a homeopathic medicine or using Flower Essences.

Take a sip of the treated water a few times each day (best to Dowse to find how often), or use the Radionics Distant Broadcast Card to send the 'Vibrational Pattern' of the medicine to a person living far away (the actual distance is no concern !)

We have prepared an even more simplified and concise version, with 9 cards fitted to a letter-sized page to save printing (the normal layout is 6 cards/page) - just go to 'Sanjeevini' to download the .pdf file.

The .pdf file has 34 pages - Index, instructions, Radionics Broadcast Card, and 29 pages of the actual cards.    You can place the card sheets in a folder - protecing them with plastic cover sheets - or print them (by Laser printer) on special water-resistant paper such as 'Rite in the Rain'.    Alternatively you can cut them into business-card sized cards and store in numerical order.

We have tested the 'Rite in the Rain'special paper and found it satisfactory; as a special service we can send you the Broadcast and 29 Card sheets (printed by Laser printer on this special letter paper) for US$20 plus postage ($4 to Canada or USA, $8 elsewhere) - email if interested, and we will send you a PayPal invoice; you can send a personal cheque (US$ or CDN$) or money order, payable to John Living, should you not wish to use PayPal (but allow delays for mail handling).

John Living has prepared 4 non-official Sanjeevini cards to be used at your discretion for:
1. Soul Retrieval - To locate and then recover all lost or disconnected Soul parts of the person, to Heal them, and to reconnect them to the Soul in Peace, Harmony, and Love, with the help of Angelic Beings.
2. Possession - To locate and identify in all planes all possessing Souls, Soul parts, and their Higher orders that are interfering with the person, to remove them, to Heal them, and to send them to their rightful place in Peace, Harmony, and Love, and to protect against any further intrusion or interference, with the help of Angelic Beings.
3. Shades Removal - To locate and identify in all planes all Shades, Shadows, Samskaras of deceased Souls that are seeking refuge and often hiding in the muscles and meridians of the person and usually causing suffering, to remove them, to Heal them, and to send them to their rightful place in Peace, Harmony, and Love, and to protect against any further intrusion or interference, with the help of Angelic Beings.
4. Baby Souls to Heaven - To work with the Angelic Beings to take the Souls of Babies, to Heal them, and to send them to their rightful place in Heaven with Peace, Harmony, and Love. This for (a) Souls in unwanted pregnancies (use with EFT tapping) and (b) Souls of Babies that were not born (or died young) and attached to their mother. These usually cause many problems in later life - causes which to most people (including medical) are unrecognized.

Fourth Step - Maintain Good Health

"You are what you eat" - so avoid all things that contain chemical sweeteners such as Aspartame (Diet drinks especially), eat organic foods, cook food normally (not in any microwave - which destroys the natural good value of food), and Bless all that is eaten.    I now eat grated raw carrot when I would have cooked them previously - they taste superb !

As a test, use your Pendulum (or just 'feel') to locate the aura of food when you receive it; now Bless the food and repeat the measurement - its aura will have increased !    If you now "Bless all that is eaten with Blessing 995 and 885, and with Healing 997 and 887" you will find that the aura has expanded even more !    Do not bother about the meaning of the numerics, just use them !

Increase the Radiance of your Blood by wearing a "Love Living" Bracelet - the high Radiance of your blood creates an environment that viruses, etc, do not like - and so help you keep well !

The bracelets are based on the principles developed by Georges Lakhovsky to improve the health of humans, using his then new theory that cells are microscopic oscillating circuits.    This design was successfully used in French, Italian, and Swedish clinics, and when Lakhovsky escaped to the USA in 1941 it proved successful in a major New York hospital.

These bracelets are made of twisted copper wire encased in clear and unmarked vinyl (so that your skin and clothes do not get stained by the copper), and have lead-free pewter beads at the ends to mke them very sturdy.    They meld-in with the colour of your skin, so are not very noticable - suitable for a man to wear !    They can be washed safely.

Forgiveness and Life Review are critical.    When we hold anger, we seldom hurt the object of our anger, just ourselves !    Holding such anger (and hate, etc) results in emotional problems often taking shape as diseases if not corrected.    By going through a Life Review before we die gives us the opportunity to make corrections - this seems to be impossible to do after death.

Fifth Step - Express your Thanks and Gratitude !

Unfortunately most of us have been 'educated' to believe that only plants, insects, fish, and animals have life, that all other forms just exist without any consciousness.

Emoto in Japan has proved that water has memory - and is conscious of thoughts sent to it.    Quantum physicists have demonstrated that sub-atomic particles are affected by thought, and that all such particles are comprised of energy.

It is logical to accept that everything is energy - and that we can communicate with all such energies, including those in the non-physical planes such as Angelic Beings and other Healing Energies, the most powerful of all being 'True Holy Love, Namaste'.

When we work with our Hearts and with 'True Holy Love' we can expect 'miraculous' Healings to occur - with the help of the Angelic Beings and other Healing Energies.    When we express our Gratitude and Thanks for such healings, we get enthusiasm from them to help us more - since it is seldom that they are thanked by most people.

You can download the complete 273 page FREE eBook from which this is extracted
- go to Be Your Own FAMILY HEALER and just 'click' on the picture.

The FREE 'Distant Healing Manual' is also available
- it has a more intense approach to Healing.

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