All of us have Intuition, but many of us have difficulty in accessing our Intuition 'On Demand'.
We can use our nervous/muscular system to give signals from our Intuition - this lets us get immediate answers to questions.
It is known as kinesiology (when used by a Doctor/Healer on a patient) and as Dowsing (when used by oneself).
The books written by John help you to Dowse - to access your Intuition 'On Demand' - and to use this gift to help yourself and others.
The Healing Tools have been developed with help from Intuition, and then tested to demonstrate their abilities.
They have been used by many people with great success.

Books written or edited by

John Living
Professional Engineer
Spiritual Healer

Books Published by the Holistic Intuition Society
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John Madgwick Living

was educated at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, and the Royal Military College of Science, Shrivenham. He was commissioned as an officer in the Corps of Royal Engineers, and was taught Dowsing at the School of Military Engineering, Chatham.

John Living has been a Member of the Institute of Royal Engineers, Member of the Institute of Engineers, Jamaica, Member of the Institute of Civil Engineers (and a Chartered Civil Engineer) in the United Kingdom, and a Professional Engineer registered in the Provinces of Ontario and Alberta, in Canada.

He has more than 60 years experience of dowsing, is the Executive Secretary (and a co-founder) of the Holistic Intuition Society. He is a member of the Canadian Society of Questers, the Canadian Society of Dowsers, and the American Society of Dowsers.

John has written articles that have been published in the journals of all the above Societies, and in the journals of the British Society of Dowsers and the Society of Dowsers in New Zealand.

He travels around giving workshops on Intuition Technology (aka Dowsing).
In September 2008 the Canadian Society of Questers made John an Honorary Life Member.

The classic record of Käthe Bachler's research into noxious energies involving 11,000 people in more than 3,000 homes and work places in 14 countries.    Most health practitioners in English speaking countries have no knowledge of these energies, which have been determined to be the cause of cancer and other diseases in many central european countries .     'Further Thoughts' by John Living.
"Sleep Well,
Be Healthy"

A concise summary based on 'Earth Radiation' designed as a booklet for distribution by Dowsers and Health Professionals aware of such noxious energies. Bulk orders for booklets, or buy the E-Book first to have a look at it.
On Demand"
We all have Intuition - but many have problems getting help when needed. This book explains how you can do just that !     This book is 'entry level' - for people who are not experts !
The book 'Intuition Technology' includes most of this book, and is greater value.
"Intuition Technology"

Dowsing is 'IT' - an in-depth look at understanding ourselves and our environment, full instructions on improving our Dowsing abilities, and advanced knowledge about our total energy bodies and how we can work with the energies to improve health.
This book includes almost all of "Intuition On Demand" !
"Holistic Exorcism"
>A Manual explaining the superior method of the Exorcism of Spirit Possession - based on the experiences of Masters of Exorcism, with techniques unknown to most people who do exorcism.
The intent of this book is to help exorcists to be more proficient in their work, and so have greater success in helping their clients.
"Your Pendulum"

Booklet with a glass bead Pendulum - designed as an 'Xmas stocking stuffer' to help people to learn about Dowsing - and how Dowsing can help them (and others). Excellent concise instructions that can help many persons who use crystals! Bulk orders for booklets, or buy the E-Book first to have a look at it.
"Vibrational Energy Healing"

By the recognized Master Healer Bill Ellis - who gives hints for using a Pendulum for Healing, explains improvements made by Bill to many Healing modalities, and introduces some completely new methods of Healing - both for using 'Hands On' procedures and for distant Healing.    John Living edited this book.
"Distant Healing Manual"
A FREE Download !

By John Living: Step by step instructions for healing with a Pendulum, including working with meridians, colour therapy, removing attachments, organ repair, and radionic broadcasting.    Supplied on a .pdf file so you can print your own pages for use with patients. An instructive video DVD is available for $20 - listed on our DVD page.

Convention DVDs Workshops and Presentations by: Bill Askin, Dave Carlson, Richard Coutts, Mike Doney, David Ferguson, John Haché, Agnnes Kraweck, John Living, Hira Ratan Manek, Harold McCoy, Vicki McDuff, Von Musgrove, Kristina Nielsen, Pat Prevost, Arthur Roy, Joe and Marta Smith, Walt Woods.

Dowsing and Healing Tools Glass Bead Pendulums, very sturdy Message Charts, Retractable and Bendable Bobbers, Braceclets to give your blood high radiance (germs, etc. do not like this environment !), Neck Rings (Stop migraines, headaches, etc), Healing Rings to help clear your aura, Ptah Pendulum for cleansing of your deep aura and clear non-beneficial energies from homes, work places, Healing Globe to keep your environment beneficial.

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