Vibrational Energy Healing
by W. R. (Bill) Ellis.

ISBN 978-0-9686-3237-6

Bill Ellis is a recognized Master of many Healing modalities - and has developed extensions to these as well as new methods of working with Angelic Beings to both develop new ways of Healing and improve success in all Healing.

Even more important he has a proven record of teaching others to use his methods and be successful Healers in their own right !     Now he makes these methods available to you !

This book starts by giving hints on using Dowsing with a Pendulum for Healing and an overview of working with the Energies - both those that are Healing and those that cause problems.

Hints and exercises are given to help you improve your mental imagery and your ability to visualize problems in a patient, together with ways to protect yourself.

The emphasis of this book is on working as a conduit for Healing Energies, especially in Healing the causes in the Etheric body of health problems that manifest in the physical body.

Physicians are trained to work on just the physical body to overcome symptoms and effects with pharmaceutical drugs - for the great benefit of the drug companies !.

Metaphysical Healers seek to eliminate the causes of health problems by working with Energies - even phycisists are now admitting that everything is energy, including all parts of a Human Being.

Of major importance is understanding the functions of Chakras and the problems that occur in them; Bill has developed a superb system of identyfying such problems.- and a number of alternative ways to Heal their causes.

Bill gives a very detailed assessment of the linkages between Chakras, Glands, and organs which cause body malfunctions - including the colours likely to be encountered and those needed for Healing.     Emotional and mental problems are well covered.

The use of TouchStones for Healing is discussed - these are based on the energetic devices used by astronauts to overcome problems that interfered with their health when in orbit !

Healing methods include Force Centre Therapy, Radionic Broadcasting, Pranic Healing, an amazing new 'Etheric Body Image Healing' technique, the use of Bio-scalar waves (associated with zero point and Tachyon energy), and 'Focal Touch Healing' - a system for physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual Healing given directly to Bill and his group by 'chanelling' with Angelic Beings !

Many illustrations are given to help you to clearly understand how to use Bill's methods.     These include simple methods adapted from Yoga to improve both your abilities and your protection.

Yes, many of these techniques were developed for 'Hands On' Healing - but Bill has found ways to adapt these methods for distant Healing, all explained in this book.

Appendices mention the effects of various colours on sacred symbols often found in a person's aura, and onthe use of simple Time Lines to identify (and Heal) past problems that are causing ill health.

About the author:

Bill Ellis passed his “sell by” date as regards meaningful employment, according to the State rules, some years ago.
Bill is a chemist by profession and since 1969 ran, together with his wife, his own business which involved the contract development and manufacture of cosmetics and toiletries for the large cosmetic companies.

He became interested in Spiritualism and mainly healing at about the same time, reading all related material he could lay his hands on.

Since then he has become a Chios Healing Master & Teacher, a Reiki Master & Teacher, a Magnified Healing Master & Teacher, a Radiesthesia Teacher, and a Pranic Healing Practitioner.

He still says that even now after teaching dozens of students, most of whom to Master level, that there is no adrenalin rush to compare to ‘passing an attunement’.

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