Dowsing is 'IT'
Intuition Technology

by John Living, Professional Engineer.
ISBN 978-0-9686-3234-5

This book includes all of my knowledge of Dowsing - based on experience as a successful Dowser.   Much of the contents have been gleaned from Master Dowsers, to whom I am extremely grateful for giving me their help over the years.

I hope it will help you to be even more successful in your Dowsing !

The book is in three sections:

Understanding Ourselves - and our environment.

Most of us know that we have Intuition - we get a certain 'knowingness' on occasions.    But there is a problem !    Sometimes, when we need guidance, we are left 'in the cold'.

Now this can be changed !    And this book explains 'how to do this' in simple, easy ways.   By using these techniques you can get guidance from 'Upstairs' on any subject - including relationships, work problems, and the health of yourself and your family.

The 'Key' is to form a clear question in your logical mind, ask your Heart, and be aware of any body movements. Did you know that you can use blinking of your eyes, positions of your tongue, or feel the smoothness or roughness of a finger nail to give you answers - and that nobody else need realize what you are doing ?

A list of the contents is shown below.

Dowsing - Amplifying the Signals Sent and Received

This is based on a weekend course that I have given many times to teach beginners to Dowse - and to learn how to handle aspects with which many advanced Dowsers have problems.

YES & NO signals have 2 sources - Physical: To & Fro, Meta-Physical: Rotation.
I like to get a clockwise YES signal before my Pendulum points to something; if I get an anti-clockwsise NO signal, then something maybe wrong !

Did you realize that when your Pendulum rotates it is making a cone shape - a circular Pyramid that magnifies your thoughts/intent ?

Healing - Using our Intuitive Skills and 'Power of Thought' for Health

'Everything is Energy' - including the causes of illness, how it manifests in the physical body, and how we feel pain and suffer.

When we work with these energies we can Heal them - and improve our Health.    I have found that most 'Pains that Move' (especially any cramps) are caused by other dimensional Life Forms - and these can be Healed to prevent re-occurence.


Understanding Ourselves
- and our environment.

“Who Done It ?”

Naturally, We ARE Intuitive!
A Simple Exercise
What is Intuition ?
Intuitive Examples
Our Real Sixth Sense
How does Intuition Operate ?
Awareness is Most Important
Understanding Intuition
Knowledge Base

Science and Beyond
Religious Influences
Other Dimensions
Speeds of Light
Earth Changes
Matter of Fact - or Fiction ?
Sub-Atomic Life
Atomic Auras
Occult Chemistry
Holographic Fields
The Periodic Law
Periodic Law: Spiral Representation
Birds and Bees
Cleve Backster's Experiments
Water - and Dr Emoto’s Crystals

The Human Being
Ships of ‘Being’
‘Know Thyself’
Auras and Chakras
Hidden Energy Systems
The Role of our Sub-Conscious
The Ku, our sub-conscious self
The Lono, our Thinking Mind
The Kane, our Spirit Aspect
Triune Man - An Expanded Model
We are Not Alone !
Our Heart-Mind-Brain Team
Brain Waves
We are Energy Beings !

We are Psychic !
Successful Teachers
See-ers - or Seers for short !
Knowers - aka Gnostics
Your Own Abilities
Improve your Feeling
Louder Soul Hearing
How to See More
Knowing Even More
Practice makes Perfect
Soul Contracts
More Information

Hypnosis & Visualization
Understanding Hypnosis
Hypnotic Induction
Who is Who ?
Effect on Immune System
Key Words
Recall of Past Events
Getting into a Trance

Other Dimensional Beings
One Episode
Alice’s Dad
Advice Confirmed
Margie’s Protection
PSI Activation
Levitation and PSI Energy
Comment by John Living

We Compute !
Opening Our Operating System
Running Programs
Adding and Changing Programs
Direct Programming
Programming Example
Debugging Programs Improving Access to Storage

Improving Our Performance
Life is Full of Lessons
Being a Victim
Overcoming Anger
Holding on to Anger
Self Destruction
Sing a Happy Song
Laughter is Infectious
Random Acts of Kindness
Respect and Love
Life Review
Healing the Total Being Program

Our Intuitive Radio
More Body Signals
Dan Wilson’s Comments

The Power of Thought
Thoughts are Broadcast
Our Own Thoughts
Thought precedes Action
Help from ‘Upstairs’
The Secret
Quality of Thought
‘No Harm to Others’
The Power of Love
The Effect of Emotions
Be Sensual !
Magical Ceremony
You are a Magician !

Levitation and Gravity
Levitation Experiment
More Experiments
Were Pyramids Built this Way ?
Build your Own Pyramid
Attention !
For Emergency Use Only

Fun, Not Hard Work !
Everyday Opportunities
Sector Selection
Map Locating
Card Guessing Game
Shaking a Dice
Lie Detector Game
Telepathic Communication
Experimenting with Thought

Albert Einstein - Dowsing,
Building on a Good Foundation

Amplifying Intuitive Signals
Intuition on Building Sites
Making your own ‘L’ Rod
Signals Used
Pointing with your ‘L’ Rods
Is the Baby a Boy ?
Making and Holding your Pendulum
Signaling Systems
Pointing - with your Pendulum
Simple Counting
Segment Selection
Your Handy Chart
Selection from Lists
‘V’ and ‘Y’ Rods
Holding your Rod
Rod Signals
Rod Variations

Working with ‘The System’
Power versus Force
Working with ‘The System’
Programming your Intuitive Abilities
Program Installation
The Set of Main Programs
Primary Program
Pre- and Post- Check Routines
Q-1 Pre-Check Program
Q-2 ‘May I ? Can I ? Should I ?’ Program
Q-9 Safety Net Program
Q-10 Completion Program
Using the Pre-Check Routine
Suggested Responses
Corrective Action
Influences (of Food, etc.) Program

Asking Questions
Asking Your Intuition
Some Important Rules
Some Hints
Multiple and Imprecise Questions
Greater Depth Needed

Counting, Charts and Lists
Making Corrections

Locational Dowsing
Lethbridge’s Experiment
Zinc and Copper
The Bobber in ‘Find Mode’
Well Dowsing
Water Domes
Mineral Deposits
Working with Nature
Map Dowsing
“Who Goes There ?”
Dowsing the Location of Submarines
Detecting Landmines or Finding Lost Items
Bobber Signals in ‘Search Mode’
Safe Practice - Coins and Jewelry
Mental Alertness, Focus, and Intent
Using a Witness
Improvised Explosive Devices
Dowsing in Action
Location of Hidden Weapons and Drugs
Animals use Intuition Technology
Charting Catacombs

Earth Energies
Käthe Bachler’s Studies
Cancer Studies
Noxious Water Veins
The Curry Grid
The Hartmann Grid
Earthquake Faults
Electro-Magnetic Fields
Categories of Noxious Energies
Logarithmic Numeric Chart
Malicious Energies
Some Experiences
Indian Bands
The Age of Dinosaurs
Blessing Noxious Water Veins
Blessing Energies Program
Electro Magnetic Field Neutralization Program
Placing a Protective Gold Rings Program
Noxious Energies Program
More about Energy Bands
Other Dimensions
Lethbridge’s Spiral and Time

The Message Chart
Conversations with Angels
Understanding the Symbols
Using the Numeric Scale
Starting a Conversation
Receiving a Message
Overcoming some Problems
Important Questions
Improving your Skills
It’s a Two-Way Street !
Some Simple Guidelines

Remote Viewing
Dowsing the Future
Are we Being Watched ?
Orbs and Healing
Crop Circles

Water Thoughts
Water Quality
Blessing Water
How to Drink Water
Working with Water
Gas Mileage

A Paper Radionics ‘Machine’
Notes on using your Radionics Paper Chart Machine
Easy Self-Care with Paper Radionic Broadcasts
Radionics Safety Program
Construction of a Radionic ‘Black Box’

Trees and Healing
Order in Nature
Energy Beings, Plants, and Nature Spirits
Locating a Plant’s Energy Field
Understanding Differences
Experimenting with Multiple Plants
Leaves and Blooms have their Own Energy Fields
The Elements and their Beings
Feeling is your Critical Sense
Understanding Elemental Relationships
Working with the Energies of a Plant
‘Talking’ to the Trees
Respecting Other Life Forms
Trees Heal
Group Interaction with Trees
Dowsing the Energy of Trees
Working with a Tree
Tree Communities
French Coil - Pest Control
The King of All Plants Offers His Help !
Growing an Early Crop


Healing Overview
The Keys to Healing are Compassion and Love
Life is Love
Why do we Suffer ?
Thought Forms
Affliction of Healers
Identification of Causes
How Healing Works
Charges for Healing
Changes due to Possession

Grounding, Protection, and Clearing
Living ‘In the World’
Grounding Exercise
Hooks and Cords
Personal Protection
Plugging Emotional Energy Leaks
Protection of Property
Clearing Procedure
Communication and Influences
Effect of Shape
Further Clearing
Gleanings - The Protection Files

Our Energy Body
William Wilks’ Experiments
Levels of Auric Bodies
The Chakras
The Hara Line
Other Chakras
Interaction between Auras and Chakras
The Core Star Level
Assemblage Point
The Human Assemblage Point
Dowsing and the Assemblage Point
Meridian System
Lymph System
Gleanings - The Aura Files

Influences of Entities
‘Remarkable Healings’
Heaven Divided
‘I AM’ and ‘I Not’
The Holographic Universe
Problems in Heaven
Results of Hypnotherapy
Problems at Death
Nature of Fragments
The ‘Demons’
Misuse in the Black Arts
The ‘Real Nasties’
Other ‘Entities’
Background of the Thought World
‘Let the Search Begin !’
Ceremony to Free Invading Life Forms

Vivaxis: Life Links to Birth Places
How thoughts travel
Cellular Alignment
Can Astrological Influences be Validated ?
Dowsing And Vivaxis
King Cole’s Technique
Can Dowsing make Corrections ?
More Meridians
Mike’s Story
Healers Need Protection
Using your Knowledge of Vivaxis
Mineral Prospecting

‘We Are What We Eat’
Preservative and other Additives
Life Force in Food
Microwaving Your Food Isn't Safe
Improving Food Value
Pains that Move
German New Medicine

Simple Healing
“Once More, Dear Friends !”
Washing Machine
Healing in General
Advanced Healing Overview
Shamanic Healing
Power Animals
Soul Retrieval
"The Pattern of Health"

It is a Matter of Form
Sub-atomic Particles
The Dancers
Vibrational Patterns
Improving the Environment
Home First !
Energy Healing
Making Water into Medicine
The Sanjeevinis Symbols
Making your own Medicine
Protect One Self !
Mind over Matter
Orgone Energy Generator

All about LuLu
Gleanings - The Lulu Files

Exploring Genes and Other Influences
How genes Work
Changing Influences
Changing Influences Program
Working with ‘True Holy Love, Namaste’
The Namaste Program

Let There be Light !
The Human Eye
The Healing Power of Full-Spectrum Light
Fluorescent Light
Full-Spectrum (FS) Light
FS Light vs Cancers
FS Light vs Neurological Disease
Colour and Dyslexia
Possible Methods of Colour Selection
Light in Heaven
Solar Healing Overview
Safe Sungazing Practice
The First Three Months
Three to Six Months
After 6 Months
Your Glands are Activated
Continual Good Health

The Cathar Prophecy - Church of Love

Further Information
About the Author
Holistic Intuition Society
Books of Interest
Earth Radiation - Käthe Bachler
The Holistic Intuition Society’s ‘Shop’
English Speaking Dowsing Organizations

Chris Bird talks about Dowsing in his book 'Divining Hand'
- 'Intuition Technology' teaches Dowsing skills !

Richard Gerber in 'Vibrational Medicine' writes of the background and benefits
- 'Intuition Technology' tells you how to make these medicines !

A comment from Ann, who lives in Scotland:
"I've found your book on "Intuition Technology" most helpful, the written style being direct, friendly and accessible, and the content obviously indicative of your own wide reading and considerable personal experience.
For the last two or three days I've felt more positive 'in myself' than I have done for some considerable time. I have recently been reading your remarks on 'Improving Performance', being happy, and your 'Life Review/affirmation' (page 97.)
Maybe this is no coincidence !
Whatever the reason, thank you for writing such a very helpful and insightful book."

‘Knowledge not used is valueless’

About the Author:

John Living has been a Royal Engineer, a Chartered Civil Engineer, and a Professional Engineer.
He started Dowsing over 55 years ago, being taught as a young officer in the British Army..

John is the Executive Secretary of the Holistic Intuition Society, a member of the American Society of Dowsers, the Canadian Society of Dowsers, and other Societies.

His articles have been published in the American, British, and Canadian Dowsing society journals.

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