Holistic Exorcism
A Manual for Exorcists compiled
by John Living, Retired Professional Engineer
ISBN 978-0-9877350-2-7

It is estimated that over 70% of the population are subjected to Spirit Possession - most people being completely unaware of such infestation !

This includes problems collected in past lives, the womb, early childhood - in fact during all of one's life !

Our own Spirit fragments if subjected to what is considered to be traumatic - death in past lives, hearing that they are 'not wanted' before birth, or being upset or abused as children. Even 'imaginary' childhood playmates may cause serious problems in later life.

Another source of infection is the fragmention at the death of a relative or friend, or exposure to low protection in an accident or a hospital.

Even deceased loving relatives may intend no harm, but become controllers - and any fragment may cause disease or illness similar to that they had during life.

This book is a manual for exorcists, compiled from the tales and experience of masters, that covers aspects of Spirit Possession unknown to many people who do exorcism.

The intent is to help such people to become proficient in their work of exorcism, so that they can become more helpful to their patients - giving them long-lasting relief from Spirit Possession.

The world we see is small in comparison to the world we do not see. By writing this very interesting book, John Living gives us a look at the unseen world. - Raymon Grace

Holistic Exorcism - ISBN 978-0-9877350-2-7


About the Author

Chapter 1 Overview
Fragments and Possession
Types of Possession
Typical Symptoms of Possession
Observations by Parapsychologists
Hypochondriac - Forever Ill
Baby Souls
Personal Knowledge of Person
Soul Fragments
Inhabitants of the Astral Plane
Hexes, Curses, Negative Energies
Spirit Possession
Understanding ‘The Matrix’
Tales from the Masters
Concerning Religions
Holistic Exorcism is Teamwork

Chapter 2 Advanced Clinical Experiences
The Basis
Earth Bound Spirit
Attracting Possession
Effect of Attachment
Awareness of Attachment
Is Permission Needed?
Dr Baldwin’s Books

Chapter 3 Spirit and Matter
The Roots of Uncertainty
The Seven Bodies
The Physical Body
The Etheric Body
The Astral Body
The Mental Body
The Buddhic Body
The Atmic Body
The Chakras
The Obsessors
Importance of Mental Energy
Life after Death
Real Obsession
Overcoming Obsession
Dungeons of Darkness
Reverse Obsession

Chapter 4 Apometric Experiences
Implanted Devices
Poisoned Objects
Karmic Influences
‘Two Faced’ Obsession
Power Corrupts
Mediumistic Problems
Spiritual Parasiticism
Black Magic
Citadels of Darkness

Chapter 5 Baby Souls
The Fetus
The Higher Self
The Soul
The Mental Body
The Astral (Dream) Body
The Emotional Body
The Etheric Body
The Physical Body
Thought Forms
The Inner Child
The Chakras
Double Souls

Chapter 6 The Power of Love
Synchronicity Strikes Again!
‘We Are All the Same’
Memory Blockages
The Power of Love

Chapter 7 The Basis of Holistic Exorcism
Working with Heart
Dowsing - Signals from your Intuition
Overall Explanations
Other Healing Modalities

Chapter 8 Exorcism at Work
The Exorcism
Character Overview
Preparing for Exorcism
Heart to Heart Communications
Preparing to Dowse
Your Handy Chart
Percentage and Counting Chart
Intensity Chart
Time Lines
On Completion of Work for a Healee
Worksheets / Check Lists
Touch Stones - for Vitality
Touch Stones - Chakras
Character - Attributes and Attitudes
Letter sized forms for Actual Use
‘HA !’ Breathes

Appendix A Forgiveness

Appendix B Entity Healing & Protection

Appendix C Books published by the Society

About the Author:
John Living has been a Royal Engineer, a Chartered Civil Engineer, and a Professional Engineer.
His articles have been published in the American, British, and Canadian journals.

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