Distant Healing Manual
Compiled by John Living

ISBN 978-0-9686-3238-3

The Intent of this Manual
Is to enable Good Health for All
- at Reasonable Cost.

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Some of the advantages of using this Distant Healing Manual are:
No time wasted in attending clinics.
No missing work (and losing pay).
No high cost of drugs.
No unwanted side effects.
You are Healing the causes
- not just the effects !

This Distant Healing Manual is a free download - a .PDF file that you can load onto your computer to read at your leisure, and print out the pages that you use for Healing.

We have made an instructional video for you to watch, sent to you on a DVD, so you can get a good understanding of the processes involved - and be more successful in your Healing work.

For thousands of years the Chinese people have enjoyed better health than their western cousins, based on using Acupuncture and herbs for Healing.
In India the ancient understandings of Life enabled people to have a good understanding of the effect of non-physical influences on health.
In the west, up to a couple of hundred years ago medical treatment consisted of blood-letting and the cutting off of diseased limbs - and sealing the cuts with the help of the local blacksmith.

Western knowledge has advanced since the mid-19th century, and its investigations have opened new doors to Healing methods. But like a person who has just found out a bit, the prevalent attitude is that they ‘know it all’ - and disparage the ancient knowledge and skills from other cultures.

Is it not obvious that combining all methods into the best possible way of Healing far surpasses any one way ?

It is sad that the pharmaceutical drug companies have such a stronghold over health systems; new drugs are marketed without adequate testing - and senior staff of approving authorities have later been given employment by the companies that they were supposed to oversee; grants seem to enhance their ‘guidance’ to medical training establishments; their sales force is often the main source of information for physicians - who are trained to prescribe drugs.

Can this manual help medical personnel to improve their Healing abilities ?

Research establishments are greatly subsidized by these companies - and their organization encourages research mainly into drugs that are patentable.

Clinical trials for simple solutions to health problems are seldom funded - patents are not possible, so profits will not grow !

So many drugs have unwelcome side-effects. Do the pharmaceutical companies see this problem as an opportunity to sell more drugs to overcome these side-effects - and so increase their profits even more ?

The cost of health as presently administered is tending to bankrupt governments; with the increase in the proportionate number of elderly people (who have more health problems) this financial problem can only get worse.

There are many cases of doctors who have been trained and have practiced in one jurisdiction that are not permitted to practice where they now reside - their knowledge would help them to excel at Distant Healing.

A number of great successes in Healing have been reported to clairvoyants who get interested in Healing - many more clairvoyants are needed to do Healing work !

Dowsing is a way of accessing your Intuition, your link to ‘Upstairs’. It enables you to Heal even if not clairvoyant - you get the needed information in a different way.

Dowsing is most powerful, since Dowsers can best access the ‘Power of the Mind’ and so work better with the Angelic Beings and Healing Energies from ‘Upstairs’.

It is time for a change !
A change for Better Health !

At the side is the index of pages in the Distant Healing Manual. This is so that you can get a clear understanding of the contents, and appreciate the extent of the Healings that you can help acheive for your clients.

The first part is the reference sectiion that explains what is involved in the Healing modalities used, and gives you pages to be used for data on all patients. Samples are shown here:

This page has a Percentage and Counting Chart, and charts for the extent and seriousness of problems.

On the previous page are checks to be made before Healing, and on this page is the Completion procedure to be used when the Healing is finished.

This is one of the Acupressure / Acupuncture charts prepared by Dr Halevi (author of the wonderful self-help book 'Chopsticks Acupuncture' ISBN 978-1-5539-5610-9) included with his kind permision.

A Dowser can change the course of an underground vein of water to improve the flow and/or quality of water flowing to a well - and do it from a distance !

Similarly a Dowser can affect the meridians in a person to acheive Healing !

Here we show one of the charts used to find any of the Homeopathic Remedies, Chinese Herbs, Sanjeevini Symbols, and other Healing substances found by Edgar Cayce, Leadbeater, Besant, Crookes, and others. These are then entered on a form to be Radionically Broadcast.

Next we have some samples of the pages used for the Healing which are loaded into the Radionics system:

Most Medical and Healing Professionals have no knowledge of the Assemblage Point - but it is probably the most important item in the total Being of a person !

For more information see ‘The Catalyst of Power’ and ‘Naked Spirit - The Supernatural Odyssey’ by Jonathan Whale.
"The best examination of the Assemblage Point and its key importance to the supply of vital energy - and how the location and direction of this supply is critical to good health and emotional stability; failure to adjust the Assemblage Point make other Healings ineffective !"

The use of TouchStones (as used by Astronauts !) to give colour Healing has been found to be very effective. They are used on many pages, which are then Radionically Broadcast.

For more information on Touchstones Email: info@askforprosperity.com or telephone: vox (502) 454-4967, fax (502) 458-5623

Finally the needed Healing sheets are placed in a file, on top of this 'Chakra Spiral' which is an excellent Radionics Broadcasting device.
Unlike actual Radionics machines, this does not have to be switched ON/OFF. and includes many safety features to prevent overload and any unwelcome side effects.

We have now added an addendum on Clearing Allergies !

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Free Download of this 10 page addendum on Clearing Allergies !

To see the sort of tools that John uses for healing see Dowsing and Healing Tools
- these include Healing Rings and the Ptah Pendulum
- and a smaller version that was developed especially for use with the Distant Healing Manual.

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